Deutschlandspiegel 454/1992 1992


01. the German day at the Expo in Seville Seville's cityscape. Pedestrian. Expo buildings. United States Pavilion. Rail-exhibition railway. People go. Driving record through Expo. German Pavilion. Siemens. Transparent walls symbolize openness from all sides. Figures of Alexander Von Humboldt and other German discoverers. Light phases show the growth and death of an oak tree. Dream factory: Presentation with music and dance. Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "we live in the heart of Europe and have more neighbors than all of our partners in the community, namely nine. Open borders are vital life condition." Audience clapping. Weizsäcker tour. Joint EC Pavilion. In the German Pavilion stations of in recent history: the Brandenburg Gate, the wall pieces. Expo shield. Fireworks.
(80 m) 02. community service of community service Jochen Meier sleeps and expresses its alarm clock (little soldier). Diaconia social station's Holstentor of South in Lübeck. Cityscape Lübeck with Holsten. Jochen Meier goes 90 Hertha Takahashi by Park in a wheelchair. Hertha Takahashi quote: "I'm happy that there's such thing. I have contact with young people, and whenever someone comes forward." Jochen Meier gives old man eye drops, sucks carpet and makes sick with flowers when ridden Mrs Neff. Jochen Meier interview: "I've got. for civil service decided to go for one of conscience, to help old people, sick people, - on the other hand, because I found it useful, as the Bundeswehr." Service meeting in the Diaconia. In spare time, Jochen Meier works for his upcoming studies of in computer science. Beacon blip/North Sea. Community service Martin Kerschensteiner with lighthouse keeper on lighthouse. Martin Kerschensteiner actuality: "there are really two reasons why I here decided for the civil service in Westerhever. Firstly of course, always been a natural history and conservation interest was with me, on the other hand it also has the ability, something again in personal responsibility to make and own-initiative of course just in Westerhever." People go to the Watts. Martin Kerschensteiner at Watt leadership.
(77 m) 03 200 years 4711 of Cologne Cathedral. 4711-House in the Glockengasse 4711 with figures chime of the Marseillaise. Picture history: French corporal marks the House in the Glockengasse 4711, House of the perfume manufacturer of Mühlens, the monk perfume recipe as a wedding gift by will get 200 years ago. Woman mixes in glass "aqua mirabilis" - stimulation to fatigue. Oak barrels, in which ingredient matures. Eau de Cologne bottles. Perfume bottles on treadmill. Writing on Cologne station window 4711 - real-time colognes. Parfumerie with floor mat 4711. Rhine bridge with train.
(50 m) 04. The new Munich Airport driving trucks with lights. The airport on the move. Signs are removed. Gangway is loaded. TRUCK convoy driving. Final cleaning. Paper is swept up. Lights go out. The new airport Munich II - Franz Josef Strauss. Treadmills for travelers. Check-in Hall with many switches. Air traffic control station. Aircraft rolls out. Luggage straps. Lounges. Baby in carrying case. Aircraft start.
(40 m) 05 Wattenscheid: Senegalese soccer star Souleyman Sané sane during training. Sane speaks interview: "my name is Souleyman Sané, Samy is my nickname, I am born in Senegal, grew up in France. "I am in Germany for 11 years, 31 years old." Sane goes through town, in the record business, hear records and is welcomed. What qualities does he who do not have German? Sane actuality: "it's hard to say: OK, my qualities are speed and my danger at the gate, but at the moment it is so with me: I do not quite meet the goal, but it's still." Sane in the Wattenscheid - 1 game. FC Köln (ZL). Shoot the 1:0 (69 m) 06. Jazz at its best: Barbara Dennerlein Barbara Dennerlein floats in a swimming pool. Green eye, great. She plays Hammond organ. Barbara Dennerlein actuality: "playing live is very important for me, because I need the audience contact." There is always an interaction between artist and audience. Then you can actually Höchstformen running."-"what fascinates you about the Jazz?"-"what me to the direction of the music fascinated is that there is a never a dull moment; You can play time and again different things, there is no style within the jazz - there are so many different styles. My enthusiasm for this music, which is actually about betting, what happens on busy things." Barbara Dennerlein writes notes. Performance with drummer and saxophonist.
(64 m) 07. In the tornado on Olympic course training program of tornado sailors Roland Gähler, European Vice-Champion, and Vorschotmann Frank Parlow. Catamaran is supposed to water. Start at the Kiel week. Regatta. Sailing.
(51 m)



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