Deutschlandspiegel 456/1992 1992


01 Müritz national park lakes and forests. Isotopes. Canoeists on a small river. Shield: National Park. Man looks through binoculars, great. White-tailed eagle and Osprey flying over Lake. Cranes on the shore. Flowers and shrubs. Old big tree. Cyclists. Flock of sheep. Horses. Horse wallows. Visitors go aboard the excursion boat. Flock of birds flies.
(55 m) 02. The invisible machines - micro system technology close-up fly. Compound eye, great. Flight. The Frauenhofer-Institut in Munich, Research Centre for micro system technology. The world's smallest pump. Scientists in the production of mini units in protective clothing. Red Windows. Unlike microchips, the micro-mechanics is based on three-dimensional construction. Microscope optics. Micro researchers of MBB Ottobrunn with world's smallest laser. Size relationship to Matchbox. Electron microscope makes visible laser. Operation.
(78 m) 03 Documenta ' 92 Korean Keunbyung Yook builds a work of art for the documenta in Kassel. Keunbyung Yook actuality: (translation) "Korean art is for me no technical art, but a spiritual. Contemporary European art has to offer in addition to the intellectual depth in the main technique. I want to merge these two cultural worlds to a rendezvous."
His artwork: Korean children eye met a German. Visitors. Walking pink women. Art to be touched: hanging tubes, through which it passes. "Space and time" with watches. Apocalyptic installation of Cubaners Ricardo Brey interview (translation): "My artwork is a reflection of all the current problems in the world." Halls. Figures. Tour of niches. Bamboo Tower of the Nigerian Mo Edoga. MO Edoga actuality: "what I'm doing here is world art, which is grown on Occidental crap. You can articulate the best environmental awareness with my work."
(74 m) 04. troops of army Garlstedt/Bremen: American soldiers marching on. Flag is obtained. Drive's truck. Sw review: Elvis Presley as a GI in Germany. Nuremberg: Invitation of U.S. armed forces to a boat race. Sergeant of Bah Watts at a picnic with German friends. Blaine Watts, his boy, is born in Germany. Bah wrapped Watts and wife Anita. What will most Miss Anita? Anita Watts quote: (translation) "The area, the food, the people here." And how is the mood among the men? Bah Watts quote: (translation) "most of them are pretty sad that they will go away. You have now good friends or family in Germany. I mean those who have married Germans. You are really sad." Soldiers in Office fill out the papers. Goodbye to friends and neighbors. Bah Watts quote: (translation) "I would in the States recommend to anyone, to make a visit here. My family just came over and was completely thrilled." Beckoning people: "Bye, bye, boys!"
(66 m) 05. energy supply on Helgoland Heligoland. Map of the Federal Republic with Heligoland. Holiday-makers and day-trippers are shipped out before the island. Cooking and frying in pans for the guests. Water boilers, large. Drinking coffee on the balcony. Block heat and power plant with two diesel engines. Swimming pool. Heat pump uses lake water temperature and gains energy from it. Wind turbine with wind turbines. Drinking water treatment. The sea water that is heated by the heat pump is run in pipe system. The salt water is filtered with thin membrane slides. Desulphurisation plant ensures clean air. The red cliffs of Heligoland and gulls.
(59 m) 06. climbing - Mathias Weck other mountaineering climbs on bridge with Hamburg coat of arms above the Elbe. Training in his apartment over 100 handles with hands and feet. Mathias Weck goes with a friend to climb. Hands are with magnesia powder. Rope. Mathias Weck rises to cliff. Friend backs up with rope. Climb views of height on landscape.
(56 m)



Klettern ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Military ; Landschaft ; Ausstellung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 456/1992

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