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01. the brocken railway tracks. Ride the brocken railway through the Harz mountains. Train drivers in the driver's cab. Driving record. Werningerode with marketplace. Repair shop for the brocken railway. Passengers on the train. Inspector. Views of the Harz mountain. Horse-drawn carriage ride on road. Hikers and walkers. Keep on station. Take water for the locomotive. Stationmaster are exit signs. Passengers disembark on the Summit plateau. Schaffner beckons from the last car.
(67 m) 02 asylum in Germany newspaper headline Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "The SPD Board is ready for a change in the law on asylum". Mirror newspaper headlines, world. Queue of asylum seekers before immigration authorities. Wohnschiffe in Hamburg, Germany. Container flats on the schoolyard. Map with trace of asylum flows in Europe, particularly in Germany. Central reception centres Eisenhüttenstadt. Assistant Office Manager Tanja Naumann actuality: "we are been overrun literally in recent months by the number of asylum seekers, especially from Eastern Europe. As a result of course, considerable problems in the entire Federal Republic open up that we have to do with housing problems, that we have to do with recording problems."
Crowds of asylum seekers. Storage rooms. Conquer in authority. Tanja Naumann actuality: "every foreigner who comes to Germany and says that he is politically persecuted in his home country, has the right to make an application for asylum. He is checked by the Federal Office, and if he is rejected, one has also a right of judicial review. That is, he can, however, proceed in the form of an objection in the form of a complaint."
Federal Eagle, great. Parliamentary meeting with Helmut Kohl on the lectern. Tanja Naumann interview: "I think that we need to secure the right of asylum for those who are actually pursued, i.e. so after the Geneva Convention also can prove that they are politically persecuted – and out to filter all those who are here for economic reasons or that on which the Geneva Convention, article 1, does not apply to."
Food output. Blacks on the street.
(88 m) 03 Erbach near Ulm: Motocross sidecar World Championship at the start of the Motocross sidecars. Favourite Michael Garhammer actuality: "that you quickly come away, at the right time, forward into the first corner as quickly, where the initial position is to shut by then just his style, because and is one behind someone, you must always look, how where I can overtake the, and you have to go to overtake the ideal track, and this is actually the main problem."
Race pictures. Motorcycle jumps. Carriages on the line. Viewers on the edge of the range fire on and give advice. Pause after the 1st run. Minor repairs are carried out. Children to ride on a small motorcycle. Race: The Talbot/Verhagen, Netherlands, favorites with number 1, win. Michael cooking Hammer/Lothar Jehle be 4th official waving banner. SIP from the bottle. Award ceremony.
(70 m) 04. East German Agriculture in transition the village Kroppenstedt. Horse-drawn carriage runs through the village street. Large family from the Netherlands managed rundown courtyard. Mowing with cutting machine. Harrie Wienans actuality (why they came) "is the most important reason: the major areas that are here." In the Netherlands, we have had many small areas. "And the second reason is that the land here is better on average than the one we had in Holland and relatively little cheaper - the lease price."
Ploughing of the land. Abandoned farm in the Dutch Friesland. Trek. Use of modern technology in the Office with computers. Potatoes on the treadmill.
Unused courtyards. Wolfgang Strötker, large, farmer got back his land as property. His farm around 1900. Wolfgang Strötker interview: "on our land, we had two problems: once the strong weediness and also the strong structural damage by the repeated procedure of the machines, and today with the new technology we can improve that much." My great-grandfather, my grandfather and my father were farmers here on this farm. And that I now can see that this is a special feeling for me, that I can help my son here."
Large field. Hand check the condition of the soil. Wolfgang Strötker and his family. Son Eckhard feeding in the pigsty interview: "I've learned a farming as a career, for me there on how agriculture and I have some time ago, two years ago nothing, get the opportunity again to operate on its own soil, and because we just have accessed."
Daughter Kathrin (approx. 8 years) what to do it later? O-ton "farmer - for me is completely clear, because I like animals, and because Mommy and Daddy are farmers, too."
(79 m) 05 rock Lady Doro Pesch album cover of rock Lady. Doro Pesch actuality: "that had been my dream since I was a little kid. And to play live, this is, this is the most beautiful for me in life."
Appearance with the band. Enthusiastic spectators.
"I'm just doing, what really makes me fun - would never compromise. "And I think the fans, who feel so that it just stop total comes from the heart."
Band members come from the United States o-ton: "the people are always very wonderful and very child to US and they love to rock - we love to rock them."
Lights, lighting effects.
Doro Pesch at their hobby, painting on horse pasture. Parents sort the fan mail. Doro is signing autographs.
Father o-ton: "I as elderly gentleman there thought that can never be. "And then Shoaib said: wait till Papa, someday you will experience that."
Doro Pesch at rehearsal in the House. Parent interview "we are incredibly proud of our Doro - and if we are so at concerts and go on tour with, then we are also quite happy when she has so many fans."
Doro Pesch, in appearance as rock Lady.
(90 m)



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