Deutschlandspiegel 460/1993 1993


01 Germans against xenophobia Villa Hammerschmidt. Flag of the President on House. Car driveway. UN High Commissioner for refugees Mrs Sadako Ogata gets out of car. Camera people. Mrs Ogata gives Nansen medal for special humanitarian services to Richard von Weizsäcker. Nansen medal, great.
Berlin: mass demonstration against xenophobia. Mass moving at the top of the turn of German President Richard von Weizsäcker and the Deputy Chairman of the SPD, Mrs. Schmidt, Bavaria. Transparent: Open borders.
Hamburg: demonstration train against xenophobia through the streets.
Frankfurt / Oder: Headquarters of the police case against combating xenophobia. Skinheads, tall. Still image. Hitler salute. Brawling.
Cottbus: residential areas with high-rise buildings. Citizens group meeting against xenophobia.
Hamburg: flower shop by Achmed Tulun: Turk serves young German customer. Taverna "Athena", Greek restaurant. People go to local family Dimitri Paptrechas in the control. Tapping of beer. Dimitri Paptrechas quote: "I want to stay in Germany because I feel very comfortable - I can't tell you how long, but it's already my second home since I was born here and also very many friends. And guests who come here in the restaurant, it is not a service relationship in the sense but we know also the most guests here, and it's actually a lot of fun, to entertain them and they also appreciate that we're here."
Taddesse Müfit Tarhan phone with car phone. His travel agency in Düsseldorf. Business premises with 40 employees. Bnota t o-ton: "how to says" time will tell "and it was time to arm themselves and me, six years ago with my partner here for me in german and show success in the course of time. Currently we have 40 employees, half of them are German, and turnover hovers around 50 million marks in the year. This shows that you can get success as a foreigner here in Germany."
Traffic on the airfield. Lufthansa plane starts.
(166 m) 02.-news from the bicycle market Cologne: bike show bikes on rotating stand. Gear up to 32 courses. Pedals and spokes lighting. Modern bicycle design. Woman with bicycle helmet. The Triset-trailers for small shipments. Bike Messenger in city traffic. Construction of bicycle paths. Bike Group passes into the greenery, on pigs on the lawn. Ride through the Brandenburg Gate. On the bike on banks of river boat in the Dim light. Evening mood.
(60 m) 03. fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld in conversation with women. Paris cityscape, Eiffel Tower. Wardrobe and makeup room for models. Claudia Schiffer, great. Karl Lagerfeld quote: "I am fortunate that I can do fashion has long been under pleasant conditions and thus it has become. -As I see it." The dressing room before the show. Models show off summer fashion in 1993. Claudia Schiffer on the runway. Long striped tight skirts. Shorts and long black stockings. Long tight skirts, partly transparent. Short pants with plastic rings. Karl Lagerfeld quote: How does he explain his success? "You have to watch first of all in its own or even in General in the near past; You must always have their eyes open to see what's going in the world and always feel that is important tomorrow than today or yesterday.
I love to make collections; for me, the day of the show is the end of and the beginning of another kind – Yes not today I mean. first show and hopefully not my last"
Appearance of Karl Lagerfeld in the circle of his models after the show.
(74 m) 04. football Europe Cup of winners Werder Bremen-Sparta Prague 2:3 kick-off Bremen. Bremen's attacking. Spectators close to half. Counterattack by Sparta Prague. Oliver Reck keeps ball. 25 min: Corner for Prague 1-0 in Prague. In the 35th minute, a free kick leads to a 0-2 for Prague.
2nd half: Frank Neubarth scored the goal. ZL recordings. Ball rolling into the goal. Parades of goalie Oliver Reck. Frank Neubarth hits the crossbar in the 80th minute and Wynton Rufer scored to 2:2. cheers. In the 90th minute, Prague shoots to a wide flank forward. Roman Vonasek score the 3rd goal for Prague. Cheering fans and players.
(81 m)



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