Deutschlandspiegel 466/1993 1993


01 Solingen: Memorial service for the victims of Turkish coffins carried covered with the Turkish flag. Wreath with bow black-red-gold. "The President of the Federal Republic of Germany". Commemoration. Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "boundless grief today inextricably merges us: Turks and Germans, relatives, neighbours – in a word: fellow human beings." We feel the risk of painful for our civilization. The State of those among our young people, we did so far not to convey the decency in the community which prepares us serious concern. We pause in mourning."
Turkish nationals. Weeping woman, great. Demonstration train. Burned out ruins of the fire site. Turkish inscriptions. Children's toys, burning candles. Interviews interview: "it is scary and frightening, if you can see something there in the background with the House. It's sad."
"One can not imagine what happened here, and one must not hope actually, that ever again happens."
"We have actually, let's say in Solingen, Germany, but a very good solidarity, in General, to the outsiders, I tell time."
"Both sides could be more tolerant."
"Helpful, I would say, more helpful."
"Yes, more live and make more together also in the workplace, that to each other takes more consideration."
Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "the violence of Solingen is to atone not with counter-violence. Effectively we meet her only with the strength of our rule of law, the vigilance of our people and the friendship between Turks and Germans. We want, that you have come to us from their homeland, if they want it, at home can feel with us, as our true citizens. Let us honour the memory of the victims by we pledge our this warning and neighborhood.
Blow Turkish and German flag. Grieving. People carrying the coffins.
(87 m) 02 architect Helmut Jahn fair Tower in Frankfurt/Main. Swivel. Indoor shots. Buildings of Helmut Jahn in the United States. Helmut Jahn, large, original sound: "differences are of course very strong on historical backgrounds and based on the character of the cities on the wirtrschaftlichen needs. The tasks of American architecture, due to the size of the company, due to the size of the cities, due to the laws of construction of dealt with buildings, which are larger, are often much higher. "The European architecture and specially designed buildings that we have built, deal more and more with the urban character, and I felt that as the most interesting thing about the tasks, which we now have in Germany."
Helmut Jahn on construction control. An office building in Stuttgart. Helmut Jahn, winner of the architect competition for the project of Berlin Potsdamer Platz. Model of the large project - the gigantic version of a village square.
(67 m) 03. The East Frisians and their country North Sea waves. Map of East Frisia. Sheep on the dike. Reporter galloping at the beach. Yellow flowers. Shanty choir sings: "where the North Sea waves..." "Small river barge between meadows. Fishing junks. Fish will be excluded. Fishing in vats. Fish processing plant. Machine disassembled fillets. Women sort of treadmill. Peat cutting in moorland. Wedding in the village church. The bridal couple emerges from the Church. Congratulations of the villagers. Further clouded sky. Wind turbine rotates. Windmill. Lighthouse. Shanty choir sings.
(76 m) 04. The workers Samariter-Bund drives salvage vehicles with blue lights. Helper alight at the scene of the accident. Accident case. Motorcycle rider is killed in an accident in city traffic. 1st aid. Inception poster of the ASB 1888. Image of the founder of Gustav Dietrich, Zimmermann. (Four colleagues killed had come on a construction site in Berlin.) Poster for 1st aid course. Still pictures of equipment. Transport trolley for the sick. Ambulance car. Modern vehicles with ICU. Breathing apparatus, great. Care for the elderly. Helper pushes woman in a wheelchair. Senior Club outdoors under parasols. Feeding a sick. Care of sick women. Kindergarten. Helicopter flies. Usage abroad to on-the-scene. Issue of relief supplies. Tent city. Child with head bandage, great. Infant is fed.
(83 m) 05. Eschbach/Taunus: Motocross Championship race 250 cc disco Festival with singer, crickets. The race track. Start. Clouds of dust. Throw in curve. Jumps, slalom driving. Jump hills, curves. Stop at box. Driver interview: "From Belgium", "London, England", "the United States of America, Atlanta, GA" "Switzerland", "Japan", "to sail through the air, far to jump 20 m or more", "on the jumps the feeling of flying this comes a still somewhat."
ZL jumps. Finishing of the winner from South Africa. Driver comes on crutches immediately through the target. Graduation ceremony with dancing and singer. Advertisement: Dunlop.
(74 m)



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Deutschlandspiegel 466/1993

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