Deutschlandspiegel 469/1993 1993


01 40 years Deutsche Welle.
Emblem "40 years Deutsche Welle". Anniversary celebration. Journalists regatta in Warnemünde. Director Dieter Weirich interview: "we have been the classic shortwave stations, so like other foreign broadcasters also, but dramatically decreases the importance of short wave in the future. Therefore, we must increasingly promote satellite radio. We must still do more for the spread of the German language. We are so kind of like "Germany's largest classroom", "Germany's largest language school". And above all we must expand our now launched daily 14-stündiges news television program. Because television is the most important cultural, socio-political instrument of the present."
German shaft high-rise building in Cologne, Germany. Production of the magazine. Mixer. News sport report Motorcross. "Here is the Deutsche Welle... "Review of 1953 sw: international broadcasting with the simplest means." Training of technicians from developing countries. Interview technique is rehearsed. Amounts of mail delivered. Director Dieter Weirich interview: "we have Germany as objective, to represent so realistically, so distant, as it should be in a diverse country. "We are organized like any other public service broadcaster: independent, non-partisan, State."
Employees at monitors. Satellite screen.
(100 m, 00:01:25 00:05:00) 02 Bremerhaven: exhibition "Aufbruch in die Fremde" (U.S. emigrants).
Tall ships. Pictures of emigrants 200 years ago, o-ton: "mouse potato, nothing like mouse potatoes! Who will know about that tired?" "Be filled? "I no longer know how it is: be satisfied!"
Images of crowded emigrant ships in the storm. The statue of liberty New York. Expatriates working in the slaughterhouses of Chicago and in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Photos of Germans in the United States: Levy Strauss, inventor of the jeans. Albert Einstein. Wernher von Braun. The statue of liberty. (58 m, 00:04:55 00:07:00) 03 Rhine. Main-Danube Canal.
Ships and freighters on the Rhine Main-Danube Canal. The channel on the map of dinghy and sports boats on the Canal as a protest against the destruction of the landscape. The altmühl Valley before the construction of the Canal and today. Applied wetlands with waterfowl and herons. Walkers on the shore. Lock to overcome difference in height. Hub with cranes. The waterway with tourist boats. Long shot of the Canal and the landscape.
(70 m, 00:06:55 00:09:30) 04. The former transit transitions.
Flower blooms before abandoned border crossing. Paper blowing in the wind. Decaying transit transitions with their control houses, rusted mouthpieces, broken stop sign. Watchtower. Barrier descends. Policeman checked. GDR plate broken. Through traffic on the road. New industrial settlements at the edge of the road.
(42 m, 00:09:25 00:10:55) 05. New forms of work in the automotive industry - Mercedes-Rastatt car on tape. Installation of motor in team work.
Workers discussed in groups to more effective work processes o-ton: "it is so important that the cable holder into the right hole of right side, sitting in there, on the right side, is attached. There is a hole, M8, which is at the bottom... "Why is it so important that the cable holder into the right hole is?"
"So, I have imagined, that the 8-hole, where normal having fixed the banana, because take a photos of the cable band, performs the cable and pulls the cable band. Because we have saved a step."
"So you can realize his ideas, it many opinions come together, which flow together then. "And it brings good then also of the Executive Board."
Direct communication with the engineers and designers actuality: "the hierarchy is built off a bit. There is a closer contact to his master, because they are just in the environment there. They were really every day in mind."
"With us, that makes a lot of fun to work in the group. We can talk with each other a bit, it's not as monotonous as to the band."
Food in the canteen. Common food.
An employee of the management actuality: "we want to strengthen the motivation of our employees with the team work, we in Rastatt for the first time consistently in all areas of a factory introduced, where they have more tasks, more tasks, more personal responsibility, and thus we want to improve quite naturally also the economic efficiency, the result of the work, by for example the quality is substantially increased."
(68 m, 00:10:50 00:13:20) 06 Münster: World skateboard Championships.
Cityscape of Munster. Skateboarders in the streets and on course. Skateboard training. Sports in the Hall. Jumping over obstacles. Jumps ZL in the half pipe. Feats on the upper edge of the halfpipe. The first nine places will be occupied by drivers from the United States.
TC of Betacam SP Cassette No. 469. (62 m, 00:13:15 00:15:30)



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