Deutschlandspiegel 472/1994 01.01.1994


01 Berlin: Basketball of top teams flying north and South League Alba Berlin - Bamberg ball in basket. Game scenes. Konter Bamberg. The American Jens Gordon throws basket for Bamberg. Penguin mascot. Viewers beating drum. Number 5-Ingo Freier, Berlin, is the star of the evening. Cheerleading girls group. During the break, the Berlin coach Svetislav Pesic, Slovene speaks with his team. Supervisor treated finger players. Gate litters Berlin and Bamberg. Berlin WINS. Viewers applaud partial ZL recordings. Advertisement: Berliner Kindl - Rendzko - Veltins - Victoria - Edward winter.
(55 m, 10:00:27) 02. The Germans are committed to people in need children carry candles. Bosnia pictures with people in need. Snow. Review: Debris in Germany after the 2nd World War. People tumble off. Care packages are unpacked. People bring packages package action. Unpack the sick Russian children. Child in wheelchair. Witta Pohl, actress, in a St. Petersburg children's Hospital. School children Pack packages. In a training workshop, old collected bikes are repaired and restored. TRUCK of the DRC brings them to Zimbabwe. In North Rhine-Westphalia, bring children even made part of images of the world and put them together. Children sing.
(104 m, 10:02:23) 03 eco farms Saxony: refrigerators Foron. Chlorofluorocarbons spray from a can. Globe with ozone layer. Sick human eye. Skin rash. Refrigerators are discarded. Foron produces refrigerators with propane and Isobutane. Both hydrocarbons and disintegration are harmless in nature. Presentation of the world first with many interested parties. New product: round refrigerator with rotating shelves. Hannover: Eco design workshop "Welfare of form of". Pretty items manufactured from recycled materials. Beverage packages are eco furniture. Nice cutting board made of waste.
(71 m, 10:06:03) 04. Berlin: Portrait of Daniel Barenboim. State Opera "Unter den Linden" Berlin "Unter den Linden". The State Opera. Specimen on the stage. Scene cut. Daniel Barenboim enters the Opera in meeting with Lady. What has irritated Barenboim to take over the artistic directorship of the Berlin House? Daniel Barenboim interview: "I felt here by a very solid, based on a very healthy tradition of theater, both musically as also scenic, technically and so on; and yet is anything but a conventional theater. "And that has intrigued me."
Sample of Richard Wagner "Die Walküre" with Placido Domingo. Barenboim conducted the Orchestra, big, and gives directions. Violin, brass, harp large. After the rehearsal, Daniel Barenboim speaks with Placido Domingo.
Daniel Barenboim interview: "I work here at the State Opera too much, but very happy. I'm going home, often at night really exhausted and return the next morning with such an anticipation, because the work readiness and enthusiasm are really tremendous. And there is always a new generation of energy for me. And I'm also very happy in my work in Chicago Symphony. So at the moment I would draw only so maybe a bit better,."
(127 m, 10:08:33)



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Deutschlandspiegel 472/1994

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