Deutschlandspiegel 475/1994 1994


Editing: Gabi Seidl / Annette Paulmann exclusive - not for sale!

01. the Transrapid maglev train setups the test track of the Maglev. Transrapid drive in experimental route. Drivers in the cockpit. Passengers in compartment. Young woman, tall, with your headphones. Driving scenes from train. Train on Rails. Quiet ride of the Transrapid test track. Magnets pull the car down. Drive monitors up to 500 km/h. Test section via the motorway.
(73 m, 10:00:27)

Exclusive - not for sale!

02. the clown doctors two young clown women go to the hospital for children and play with dolls and syringes and medical device. Mirror and listening device as a headdress. Dolls are treated. Boy receives patch on the nose. Happy children's, faces, great.
Clown doctor actuality: "you get a lot of love and very much"caring"... Grant? ... but don't usually get humor and humor as a medicine. "And that's our work, humor as medicine."
SOAP bubbles are blown. Close-ups of cheerful children.
Child original sound: "are good, they're funny!"
Mother o-ton: "it is great for the kids, goes around the time faster, and I think it's a good distraction from what actually affects their disease."
Nurse actuality: "And I must also say it makes happy, even the sisters if they come."
Clowndoktoren and children playing with dolls.
(73 m, 10:03:03) 03 Trumpf tool machines at Stuttgart motorway traffic. Company Trumpf machine tools. Factory recordings. Cutting parts of the tool. Workers at machines. In the mode of learning Islands for trainees. Female apprentice. Laser technology for medical applications. Hard materials such as steel or marble be cut with water. Aircraft start. Mercedes convertible. Car ride alone on the road.
(73 m, 10:05:47) 04. ski jumper Jens Weißflog of Oberwiesenthal in the Ore mountains of Lufthansa plane lands. Jens Weißflog comes down stairs and is greeted by his wife and parents. People clap. Departure vehicle. Lillehammer: Jens Weißflog jumps Olympic victory. Sarajevo: Jens Weißflog Olympic jumps 1984. Jens Weißflog actuality seen photos with his wife: "it's been a fear there, trying to then simply concentrate on the jump and is certainly the most important thing there to overcome a fear."
Nicola Weißflog actuality: "I'm no longer as worried as in the beginning because I know that it brings down safe jumps in the majority. It's maybe, but that's not long. There is a tension there repeatedly, and there are always other competitors. "And one trembles with."
Home Hill in Oberwiesenthal. Springer junior classes. Child interview: "I find it good that if he has snafus a leap, is still the best of it."
"I like: he can during each jump, with every wind, he can practically jump and there actually is the connection to us small." Quite okay."
5-10jährige Kids jump Hill up to 40 m. resort Oberwiesenthal, total. Skiers on the piste. Marketplace. Reception for Jans Weißflog: gossip, screen-filling. Jens Weißflog with wife Nicola and 4-jährigem son, Daniel.
Young woman o-ton: "Yes, we in Oberwiesenthal, we find that great, that of Jens Weißflog here has brought gold medals, mainly because he is just so likable, because he has remained quite natural, despite his success. "So we are absolutely happy, we are above the TV we broke out in tears, that he has won there twice."
Jens Weißflog with wife and son to stand o-ton: "Again a thank you and a warm Glückauf!"
Apartment full of flowers and trophies, including a Golden Eagle. Not too short comes as the family?
Jens Weißflog actuality: "there the family is quite simply, especially the woman who one the certain environment at home creates one is free in the head for the competition."
Nicola Weißflog actuality: "this is of course difficult, because he must dismantle a certain aggressiveness then again if it does not so with ski jumping. Because you have already as a woman ' a certain tolerance or flexibility, would I say, bring. So, it is not easy as some imagine. I mean, I'm sitting here alone with the child half a year, which is already ugly, one must say that."
Fixed in place. Costume groups make music. Flowers. Ski jumping Jens Weißflog and his cheering then.
(175 m, 10:08:28, 10:14:55)



Zugstrecke ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sport ; Mechanical engineering ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 475/1994

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