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Editing: Annette Paulmann 01 German President Herzog in Poland archive material. Memorial. Soldier painting. large burning globe is rolled. Three soldiers--army, air force, marine face painting.
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Deutsche Welle. Audience at the memorial service for the victims of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 (10:00:35 10:00:45) archival material. Federal President Roman Herzog goes alongside Lech Walesa to the wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial.
(10:00:47 10:01:00)

Federal archive. Sw review: Warsaw Uprising. Soldier face. Shelled. Debris. Children run. Wounded on stretchers. Tanks, bombs.
(10:01:02 10:01:45)

Archive material. Roman Herzog put down at Memorial wreath.
(10:01:47 10:02:08)

Deutsche Welle. Wreath Roman Herzog.
(10:02:08 10:02:35)

Archive material.
Speech of the Federal President Roman Herzog interview: "what we need is reconciliation and understanding, confidence and good-neighbourly relations. The people have begun to join together in a United Europe. No one needs to give, nobody on its culture and its history of its national identity. Without we must only enmity and hatred, and on a small part of our national selfishness. "But today I bow down before the fighters of the Warsaw Uprising as before all Polish victims of the war: I ask for forgiveness for what has been done to you by Germans." People clap.
(10:02:35 10:03:35)

Deutsche Welle. The Memorial maintains war graves in Hilden and Ysselsteyn archival material in bus, laughing young Europeans, with visitors, total (10:03:35 10:03:42) 02 European youth large. Driving shooting war graves on the german Dutch border. Young people work in cemetery, maintain graves, set plants and renew the font of the crosses. Common breakfast during work break young people speak o-ton: Dolphin from Amiens (translation): "It is important in a world where there is so much war, to discuss with people of different nationalities about peace."
Liz from Birmingham (translation); "We work together to overcome the atrocity that happened in the past. We believe that such terrible times never come again, if people of from different countries talk to each other."
Nadja from Bonn: "I mean, it's important just for Germans to take part in and contribute to international understanding."
Tom from Brest/Belarus: "we will probably cry when we go away again, we are so friendly with each other. Probably we meet again at some point - but not in the war, but in peace."
(10:03:45 10:06:15) 03. Portrait of the German society for the rescue of shipwrecked German society for the rescue of shipwrecked - we come lifeboat on the high seas. Bow cuts through the waves.
(10:06:19 10:06:21)

Archive material. Bathers on the beach.
(10:06:21 10:06:24)

We come. Boats on the sea.
(10:06:24 10:06:26)

Archive material beach. The German society for the rescue of shipwrecked boats are moored at bridge in Warnemünde. Boat departs from.
(10:06:26 10:06:45)

We come. Fire aboard ship. Emergency "Equipment damage". Seenotrettungskreuzer drives.
(10:06:45 10:07:00)

TV clips. A trip to the site of the accident.
(10:07:00 10:07:15)

We come. Delete on the site of the accident. Salvage of wounded.
(10:07:15 10:07:30)

TV clips. Seenotrettungskreuzer on the high seas.
(10:07:30 10:07:40)

We come. Review: Horses drag rowing boat in the water. Motor boats.
(10:07:40 10:08:15)

Archive material. Daughter boat is allowed by modern lifeboat into the water and travels to the site of the accident.
(10:08:15 10:08:35)

We come. Map Kiel, Rostock, Hamburg, Bremen with rescue stations on the coast. Headquarters in Bremen takes emergency. Seenotrettungskreuzer drives.
(10:08:35 10:09:05) 04. private breweries in Bavaria archival bikers with beer glass in traffic.
(10:09:07 10:09:11)

German brewery Association - measure of all things. Beer garden. Beer is tapped.
(10:09:11 10:09:13)

Archive material. Beer drinkers in local. Hops field. Bavarian villages.
(10:09:16 10:09:30)

Measure of all things. Brewery at the Abbey of Andechs with high-tech equipment.
(10:09:30 10:09:45)

Archive material painting: monks drinking beer.
(10:09:45 10:09:50)

Measure of all things. Beer drinkers.
(10:09:50 10:09:53)

Archive material. Men's table at dinner with beer.
(10:09:53 10:09:55)

Measure of all things. Monastery in Regensburg. Franciscan mixing malt and hops after an old recipe.
(10:09:55 10:10:13)

Archive material. Foreign student in Brewery school in southern Germany. Quality inspection. Guest House sign. And what is the success of the regional breweries? Guest host interview: "we maintain the home of beer, beer takes home. We have our Inn with Hotel here, where the Braustüberl with good beer sales and good snack business. We do so much for our brand, and we do of course also, to keep our brewery at a high technical level."
(10:10:13 10:10:55)

Measure of all things. People drink themselves to.
(10:10:45) archival material. Brewery. Bottling and packaging in boxes.
(10:10:55 20:11:03)

Measure of all things. Beer garden. Family business. Beer drinking.
(10:11:03 10:11:28) 05. Munich: Harley-Davidson meeting archive material trademark Harley-Davidson. Motorcycle fans, great. Leather clothing, helmets, heeled red boots. Tent camp of motorcycle enthusiasts. Motorcycles Harley, big. The fascination knows no age. German original: "for me it was more or less an admiration for America. When I saw the statue of liberty, I wanted to go there. Now I've seen the statue of liberty and also Harley drive."
French (translation) quote: "a myth, says this Frenchman - no plastic on this bike, only it's antique, valuable metal parts, and that. Harley, you go for a walk, you not races."
Ignition key is inserted in the lock. Start. Women on the front passenger seat. Baby front of the driver. Driveway by Munich between the victory column and English garden. Beer is served. Ice cream cone. Band plays. Grandson of the founder of Davidson, responsible today for styling, is presented.
(10:11:30 10:15:03)



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