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Editing: Annette Paulmann 01 elections 1994 election posters CDU, SPD, FDP, Greens, PDS, big and in detail. Canvassing for Helmut Kohl interview Kohl: "we have received the German unity, and now we have the chance of European unification. There is no way in peace and freedom for the Germans, when they are not involved in the larger unity of Europe."
Rudolf Scharping with Red helmet in a factory. Klaus Kinkel in a small circle at a press event. Recorded interview Kinkel: "we're small, but fine, with the large tankers can and do we not compare us, but as a collective."
Joschka Fischer in a public meeting of the Greens at the lectern. Recorded interview Fischer: "everyone choose, take with you as much as possible, you interfere beyond the election day."
Polling place, ballot, throw-in in ballot box, polling station total. CDU headquarters. (10:00:26 10:02:24)

Foreign material (forecast) (10:02:24 10:02:31) Kinkel, FDP headquarters (10:02:31 10:02:39) foreign material (total FDP headquarters) (10:02:39 10:02:42) in large camera crew (10:02:42 10:02:45) foreign material (extrapolation and SPD headquarters with actuality Scharping) actuality Scharping: "Social democracy will be a strong force in the next four years, which in Germany in principle nothing passes."
(10:02:45 10:03:29)

CDU headquarters, Helmut and Hannelore Kohl arrival.
(10:03:29 10:03:46)

Foreign material (1 pack of cabbage) actuality Kohl: "The first thing I want to say that we have won the second all-German election."
(10:03:46 10:03:52)

O-ton coal: "so, this is a quite as majority and with which I want to continue the coalition."
Foreign journalists and your statements on the election: 1. Justin Burke from the United States, quote: "the american public right now is preoccupied with several other crises. Iraq (Quicht E) and Haiti, and they'll be pleased that in German things are going to continue as they were or are going on right now, because then they do not have to worry much about Europe."
Voice Over, o-ton: "the Americans are at the moment especially with the crises in Iraq and Haiti busy and that's why they'll be glad that everything in the old will remain in Germany. "Because then they won't have to worry to make Europe".
2. Dmitr Pogorschelski from Russia, Voice Over recorded interview: "I think the Russians will be on the whole, satisfied with the outcome of the election, because Helmut Kohl will remain Chancellor and he is the most popular politician in Russia."
Finish couple cabbage.
(10:03:52 10:04:50) 02. International street artists in Munich Assembly of heads, hands, spectators. Pritta, the "woman in gold", make-up is at home, increases in bus, city pictures of Munich (Town Hall) with pedestrians and Silbermann. Presentation of Pritta (pantomime) on the road. O Pritta (in the off): "there are people, are on the verge and weep or rejoice, or children totally look forward and think, this is a fairy tale that there is."
Close-ups of head and hand in correspondence to children, Mike Martin, son of US Sergeant, with tails, cylinder and stock, makes a "mechanical man" to music. Tron, the "Silverman", black man from Los Angeles, also with jerky movements. Original Tron: "If you are not smiling it's not good. So at least try to smile every day. That makes things a lot better for you."
Original sound voice: "try but to laugh every day once, which makes life easier." Bald woman with partner, portrait painter Pascal provoking his audience on the Viktualienmarkt, skips man, cuts grimaces, tagging along behind men in leather jackets, is passing around bags for collecting money. Pritta shakes your collecting money from a golden box in her purse and goes with motorcycle friend. Good audience types: children relish and admiring, photographic color, grey type with Lagerfeld braid in mountaineering outfit, mother with two children and large pretzel.
(10:04:40 10:08:19) 03 Ulf Merbold and EUROMIR foreign material (Russian space station me training Merbold, astronaut in space) (10:08:19 10:08:41) archive DSP 439 (Merbold, model shuttle) (10:08:41 10:08:53) foreign material (training at the Russian Space Centre) actuality Merbold: "one who flies in front will have to oversee also primary experiments on this mission, but it is us off from Russian side also demands that we at least know the systems in the broad. It is not so easy, this master to learn and to use them properly, and of course added as additional difficulty yet, that we also need to learn the Russian language."
Total gym, Mir Simulator, inscription "Mir", great. Actuality Merbold: "in these small tanks here, meals are warmed, tin cans, for example, here is then switched on, or even tubes." Launching Soyuz from the Baikanur, in space, docking at me, group portrait of the astronauts, Merbold great in the space station, try the weightlessness, Dolly shot through me, ends with a view out the window.
(10:08:53 10:11:05)
(10:08:19-10:11:05) 04) 250 years Castle Sanssouci balloon Castle Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci from the front (vineyard, Teepavilion total and details, facade Sanssouci and gable inscription, large: Sanssouci, interiors, bust of Frederick of II, library, marble hall, painting, round table with Voltaire, other spaces, painting, Flute Concerto, music room.)
(10:11:05 10:13:04)

Transfer of Friedrich II. to Sanssouci, Catafalque, laying out in front of the Castle Sanssouci. Tomb of Fr. II and Tomb slab with signature "Frederick the great", transformer trip, grand staircase in the vineyard.
(10:12:35 10:12:48) 05. Istaf Berlin 1994 (all foreign material) total Olympic Stadium. 5000 m run, Dieter Baumann in the box his wife and trainer takes Meanwhile, finish (winner Dieter Baumann), Baumann large in slow motion, victory lap with "Roll forward", head of audience. Montage of athletes, big hand, run, before the start, jump, spear stands up. Slow motion montage of long jumper Mike Powell, United States, the sprinters Dennis Mitchell and Linford Christie, Merlene Ottey of Jamaica cheers, hurdle world champion Colin Jackson of Britain. Pole vault: Sergej Bubka skips 6.05 m long jump: Heike Drechsler Heike Henkel passes bullion to Mike Powell and Colin Jackson.
(10:13:03 10:15:23)



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