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Editing: Annette Paulmann 01 international year of the family and the company Beiersdorf road pictures with young families and photos (10:00:26 10:03:25) foreign material (archive) Congress for family policy: total, young speaker. Foyer of the Congress, mother with child, delivery of brochures, Beiersdorf building, revolving door, Office with Barbara Maak. Kindergarten, children sit at the table.
(10:00:43 10:01:01)

Actuality Maak (in voiceover): "I work at Beiersdorf in the Department for press, so Press Office, firmly engaged for a year with a part-time contract and bring my daughter, Nina every morning to 8 in the kindergarten. I worked previously (on) in the marketing, but full time, so 8 hours, and since my daughter there is would I just work all day, but also spend time with the child. Yes, and I got I was pleased that I found a part time position at Beiersdorf."
In the apartment by Sabine Samuel. Sabine, tall in the desk in alternating cut with her child.
O summer camp: "I think that it is a very important solution quite simply in terms of family-friendly, especially as women in top positions can be still busy, without having to interrupt their way for some years."
Beiersdorf production, long shot, larger, Susan Jäger in their workplace.
Actuality Hunter: "it has accommodated here, because they know the children are well his rest on work. If time something should be here can call through, and we can go quickly."
Susan with her child in the company kindergarten, little Kinderkarussel rolling tobacco, ride on the carousel.
(10:01:34 10:02:03) 02 Exvira from Merseburg any foreign material (time TV) Josef Bugovics, creator of Exvira, 22 years old, going on the bus. Head large, past trip to industrial plants. Chip production, close-ups. O-ton Bugovic: "I do not exclude that 100000 others also came, only the step from idea to wear and say I want that now make in the achievement to go and risk, probably not so many did that."
Interior shots (Office) of the Exvira plant in Merseburg.
(10:03:25 10:06:08)

O-ton teacher: "that he intensely pursued his hobby, the sums, drew so completely his power on it, it was already in the 11th grade. In the 12th, he has written a book already and delivered lectures in the University. It was already noticing that he was something special in this direction." Bugovics on Blackboard.
Quote of Bugovics: "... that means I have a CD on my hard drive for each file that I want to protect."
Pan of city walls in Querfurt on production site of Exvira. Production in close-ups and Halbtotalen. Bugovics in the car with car phone, street.
(10:04:25 10:04:49) 03. International school in St Georg cityscapes St. Georg, Hamburg. Facades, pedestrian, façade painting mosque with real mosque in the background, Muslims, façade painting blossom tree schoolyard, students. German hour in 10th grade, students and teachers.
Field recording: 1 student: "he speaks though grammatically correctly, but he can not so well differentiated expressed."
2. student interview: "you say very little, and if anybody says anything, you're just saying: that's right."
O students: "you're a bit inhibited" elective cooking: box is opened, cut peppers, long shot and driving school kitchen.
Original Polish: "I come from Poland and hot Monika Zawara. Since 1990 I am here at school."
O student: "Yes, I find that actually very nice, and above all because one learns too much about the others, how others live, because then also prejudices."
Food on a long table, close-up shots of students. O-ton Korean: "I would like to study fashion design, then I would like to Korea back."
Theatre company plays everyday disputes.
Field recording: 1 student: "you're a sick with your appetizers!"
2. student interview: "I beg you, you will lose not nerves but due to a couple of appetizers."
Field recording: 1 student: "it's not about but the appetizers, my God!"
2. student interview: "but what else would it be because?"
Field recording: 1 student: "it is a question that you... I... I... can" "Applause of the group. Long range road, St. George, Dutch cheese shop, pub, bus passes through the image. Page 3, D 483 (10:06:08 10 10:09) 04. House of the history of the Federal Republic in Bonn replica Bonn station with historic train, the from Adenauer to Brandt for campaign travel has been used. Students visit him, students greatly. Inside: Conference cars with table, "Gelsenkirchen Baroque armchairs", old typewriter, compartment with a telephone table and campaign brochures for Willy Brandt table with 1950s coffee service, signature folder "Chancellery".
Visitors to escalator, students and other visitors slip wall with search ads. File boxes of the tracing service of the Red Cross. Pan about file folders, boxes, old radio (in the sound search service announcement), swivel on display case with 45 exhibits, including screens, which were produced from Wehrmacht steel helmet.
(10:09:10 10:12:52)

WIF 54 establishes a Glovemaking sieves from German steel helmets. Stack of steel helmets, steel helmets are to pressed, holes punched up, enamelled. (With original sound from WIF 54)
Cabin of a raisin bomber from the Berlin airlift, outside and look through window on monitor wall with air bridge films. Visitors sit on wooden stairs, swinging from the lectern of the 1st Bundestag on Chamber, in the stalls visitors, Trafofahrt of lectern on stalls. Hood of the Adenauer-Mercedes. Film Adenauer: 1955 in Moscow Mercedes drives out of the picture, goes through Moscow, German and Soviet flags, Adenauer with Brentano and delegation on stairs. Inclined beetle between boxes. Swing by Erhard poster on open refrigerator. 3 older ladies in front of Vespa, swivel on showcase with baby dolls and picnic bags. Comment of the ladies to the exhibits.
Recorded interview: "... then began movement only to picnic in the open air, said the camping then it was camping. It was seductive: baby doll! Baby doll for the night! That was great!"
Pumps with spiked actuality: "With the spiked heel to make really holes!"
Turban head, two 1950s eyeglasses. GDR folders on pillows, light-blue Trabi, monitor wall next to wall segment.
(10:24:10 10:10:40)

DSP 423 9.11.89: wall Woodpecker at the Brandenburg Gate (10:12:33 10:12:35) DSP 425 cabbages and the Modrow go through the Brandenburg Gate. Group of young people going through the picture, swing by a signing session with seal on Europe emblem.
(10:12:35 10:12:39) 05. The ice hockey foxes from Weißwasser in Saxony Assembly ice hockey players in the training. Street in Weißwasser. Germany map with white water. Station, weekly market, survey of passers-by.
O-ton: "keep them what for ice hockey?"
Mrs o-ton: "see much. It is something what invigorates our region here a little bit."
1. man o-ton: "Hockey is great."
2. man o-ton: "We always hope that Wallace WINS."
1. young o-ton: "Well, we win, is logical."
2. young o-ton: "Super, our team!"
Interview question: "You're going tonight to the game?"
Reply quote: "to anyone who had a ticket, that you need to go and cheer."
Fans with drum, hats and jackets with Club emblems, plush mascot. Game of Weißwasser füchse against the Frankfurt Lions. (without slow motion) Kick-off, game scenes, skandierende spectators, goalkeeper of Weißwasser, 1-0 to Frankfurt, disappointed viewers, 1:1, Cheers, bully, game scenes, Weißwasser fans with drum, door scenes, goal for Frankfurt, Frankfurt gaining 2. embrace the Frankfurter, farewell handshake of both teams 5: big and totally.
(10:12:51 10:15:52)



Eishockey ; Internationale Schule ; Computer ; Haus der Geschichte der BRD (Bonn) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Familie ; Zwischenmenschliche Beziehung (soziale Beziehung; usw. - s. Synonyme) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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