Deutschlandspiegel 484/1995 1995


Editing: Annette Paulmann 01 EU Summit in Essen and the Ruhr area foreign material ancestors with police escort, Kohl and Waigel wait, greeting the arriving, cameramen, Kohl and Mitterrand.
(10:00:27 10:01:04)

Conference: Transformer of Briefcase lock on Conference Hall total, swivel on Kinkel Kohl Waigel, long shot.
O-ton H. Stalnert (Swedish correspondent), Voice Over: "I hope that Sweden has the opportunity to be a part of in the European Union. I think it's important for us to be together in a conversation with the other countries."
Driveway through the press center and on video wall, blending: Star wreath with it while Europe (10:01:04 10:01:23) foreign material card trick. Ride on Highway, in the background industrial landscape.
(10:02:04 10:02:10)

Foreign material cooling tower, mill, in molten steel, disused coal mine. (10:02:14 10:02:27)

Montage of car construction, metal band, robots, cars on a band, people get off train, mass of feet, machine tools.
(10:02:27 10:02:53)

Foreign material hearing aid, chips, plastic.
(10:02:53 10:02:58)

Laboratory, workers in protective suits, monitor, chips production.
(10:02:58 10:03:04)

Foreign material computer image solar house (10:03:04 10:03:06) foreign material flight recordings, container, port, aircraft start.
(10:03:09 10:03:26)

Conference: Passing on many FS and photo reporters. "Family portrait" of the Conference participants.
Recorded interview W. Korczycki, Polish correspondent: "Poland expects no dates, we are realistic enough to know that that's not possible. "But we expect that in the Union the General is ready for the subsequent adoption of new members."
Again, the "family photo", press conference: Journalists and writing hand, great. O-ton Kohl:(off) "was today a historical moment for the European Union (on) and also for Europe, if I may say this so that the first meeting of the European Council was held with the heads of State or heads of Government of the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe."
Trip by journalists on the emblem, which ends in a blur.
(10:03:27 10:04:40)
(10:00:27 10:04:40) 02. Eurotunnel attention, any foreign material. Entrance and ride in the Eurotunnel, Fund, train (shuttle), drive in the tunnel, tricks, ferries, Mercedes special transporter, platform outside and inside, control center, Terminal at night.
(10:04:40 10:07:15) 03. Britta Steilmann attention, any foreign material. Steilmann goes to a meeting, with male model, presents its products at a press conference. Steilmann in the Indian reserve (10:07:17 10:10:03) interview: "I'm going to me keep all questions, because I believe that we must keep this, if you want to change things, and that is now my clearly formulated goal - to create awareness."
Steilmann at a screening of her new collection of eco-friendly clothing.
(10:09:00 10:09:10) 04. Mozart's "Requiem" as a ballet in the Komische Oper Berlin bus in the "blue hour" through the Brandenburg Gate, outside and lettering "Comic opera".
Attention, all foreign material Ballet Rehearsal, stagehands, choreographer Brigit Scherzer in the Auditorium, paintings and signatures of Mozart. Photos of Ballet Inzinierung. Actuality Scherzer: "that the subject remains relatively common, so for each valid, that it has to do not so much with the biography of Mozart's, that was not my idea at all when I the Requiem made. (Next in the off) There are three characters, who are named in the programme under "M", and this could be called "Mozart", but also "person" could mean." Excerpts of the Ballet show (10:10:50 10:11:17) (10:10:03 10:12:42) 05. football, Germany - Albania attention, any foreign material. Slow motion Assembly div. game scenes. Game, Jürgen Klinsmann fails the Albanian goalkeeper, Sammer, big, Kirsten enforces penalties, Matthew transformed him, 1-0, Matthew, big, Klinsmann cheers by header for 2-0, Klinsmann, slow repetition, La OLA wave, Matthew shoots on goal, Berti Vogts makes big eyes.
2nd half: post shot the Germans, drummers, the Albanians of Rrklli achieved the 2:1, more gameplay footage.
(10:12:42 10:15:22)



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