Deutschlandspiegel 485/1995 1995


Editing: Volker Schmidt 01. The East is catching up – Mary of Thorwald commented the American FS journalist Mary to Thorwald goes at the front desk of a Berlin Hotel, leaving it through a revolving door.
Actuality M. to Weisthor: "in the East German economy it is not be overlooked that the upward trend has stabilized."
Driving shots: New industrial plants and office buildings. Cartoon: Graphics growth in the new federal States (from 9% to 10%) Assembly of various industrial plants inside, totally, and large, ride on refinery of BASF-Brandenburg signs new companies and people in Schwarzheide past.
Actuality M. to Weisthor: "many foreign investors, for example American consumer goods industry, have opened up the East German market with over 16 million consumers are."
Actuality G. Bauer, Avon Cosmetics: "for our company that was a great opportunity, we have used 1990 immediately. 2 1/2 years we succeeded, to reach over 40 million DM sales and build 15000 Avonberaterinnen."
Actuality G. Meinert, Apple Center/systematics: "systematics than Apple's largest trading partner in Europe certainly has big ambitions, after East Germany to go;" "it is for us an important US market, and we at the moment are, continue to expand our offices, we have opened in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden and rebuild."
In a Mac Donald's restaurant: close-ups of employees in uniform and Mac Donald's products. Ride on derelict industrial site over, new refinery trick: graphic of unemployment development in the new Länder. (Display) - Mary of Thorwald goes with companions by the workshop of a plastic work, driving scenes construction sites and industrial facilities.
O M. In Thor: "it is crucial however to be, whether it will succeed the German economy to gain a foothold in the competitive world markets and to establish itself permanently." Mary of masu, Germany mirrors, Brandenburg."
(10:00:26 10:03:55) 02 Augsburg builds environmentally conscious of Augsburg, Germany, new residential of Kaltenhofer road: driving record in the past, roof, chimneys with catalyst, cogeneration, solar collectors, family with baby in an apartment, various outside of the plant.
"(10:03:55-10:05:54) 03. foreigners training at the police night driving scenes Ku-Damm, ride in a police car, ID check, newspaper ad:"Police students wanted", national police school Brandenburg: shield and buildings, police students in the staircase and in the classroom.
O G. Betting shear angle, Director of the national police school: "it easier for us, if we have these colleagues in our series, right here at the school in the education: if already in training, meet fellow students from another nationality, maybe a different culture come to bring greater understanding of their concerns."
Mehmed Gabriel, a Turkish police students, rises in a racing car, blue light big, leaving car with blue lights. Youth training.
Actuality M. Gabriel: "If you are Turk, as a police officer, then they immediately trust in the police. You not negative thinking the police on one side sees everything."
O D. Balker, German police students: "That they see that we act not only in the sense of the German, that we are just for everybody."
Police boarding: Outdoor and living room, playing cards at a pub, police headquarters, racing car passes with blue light on the Ku-Damm on camera.
(10:05:51 10:08:51) 04. "Ensemble modern" in Frankfurt attention! Any foreign material! Mood pictures cut from Frankfurt Eastern Harbour, for music. Building a machine factory, factory inside: musicians of the "Ensemble modern" to attune, close-ups trumpeter, drummer, saxophonist, harpist, juggling 3 balls. Good studies of an orchestra rehearsal. Conference of the members of the Orchestra, they served pizzas. Concert excerpts "Requiem" by Hans Werner Henze, final applause.
(10:08:52 10:12:25) 05 Eisschnelläuferin Gunda Niemann Gunda Niemann with shepherd leg workout with her trainer.
G. Niemann actuality: "this is my coach."
Interview coach: "Did you say that here, the Athletics facility, the birth place of your leistungssportlichen development is?"
Actuality Niemann: "you know, I first did athletics? (Further in the off unterschnitten with training images on the ice rink) - If you learn speed skating with 17, this is incredibly hard. And they just told me, I got very good power requirements but not quite as,' a beautiful technique, how just many that came from figure skating or made by small at just Eisschnellaufen. But I think not so bad my technique."
Training on the ice rink, undercut with stretching, weight lifting.
G. Niemann actuality: "... and then you go down here, in the position, and back up, and that makes you then..." Muscular endurance is the kind with weights, and this then gives muscles in the legs! This is the pure strength training. but I love it less. I like... then more cycling, running, playing sports, and this is actually so... you have to do that, it is simply. -For the power!"
Gunda gives autographs in Erfurt, goes by road, enters a cafe sits with a friend in the cafe.
O G. Niemann: "I am pleased that it has come so far that the wall has fallen and we are a Germany, and it's easy ' ne elbow society, which today's time, that must be you know, you have to know that, you have to know that;" I had very many lows in that time where I had to even out, and I believe that it is very many people here so that's need to learn that working for yourself, that what to do that's ultimately too is the benefits for themselves."
Caution! From here foreign material! Transformer on the town Inzell, start and run at the German Championships. Gunda Niemann is "German allround champion".
End: TC 10:15:55 (10:12:25 10:15:50)



Orchester ; Ice skating ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wirtschaft (Arbeitgeber; Arbeitnehmer; Arbeitskampf; usw. s. Synonyme) ; Police ; Augsburg ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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