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Editing: Volker Schmidt 01. The green week in Berlin 1995 outdoors by the trade fair building, "Green Week"-flags, radio tower, indoor: Hall long shot close-ups of individual stalls, fruit, exhibitors, audience.

Archival black and white poster of the Green 1 week from 1926, recordings after 1945: chickens, pigs, 1 foreign stand Holland, Spanish Weinzapfer, Danish stand, cows, sheep and chickens. Chickens, calves, cows, sheep and visitors, tractors from Eastern Europe.
(10:00:56 10:01:33)

Original sound V. Guwrjunin, Russia: "our tractor must known are some more here in the State of Brandenburg and also in whole Germany."
Long shot and impressions of different levels.
Interview Z. Nouzowska, Slovak Republic: "many commercial companies that trade with countries of Eastern Europe, come here and look for contact to our companies. Interested in the sweets and bakeries in particular oil and then the time were, (off)."
O A. Kölyök, Hungary: "we have non-alcoholic sparkling wine. This is brand new on the market, so what has never existed. "It sets a new accent in the non-alcoholic sector (in voiceover) because that is a gap in the market."
Visitors, Polish beer.
Interview W. Grzymski, Poland: "the head of State told me that they have made partner of Armenia and Russia last year here, and now they deliver their beer then. For us this is very gratifying."
Visitors filling image: tall, half-total, total.
(10:00:26 10:03:26) 02 Hans Koschnick, the EU administrator in Mostar town pictures of the shattered Mostar. Hans Koschnick is welcomed, goes through a destroyed school, graves in the schoolyard.
Actuality Koschnick: "people have been who fought here and civilians who have died here that bury man nowhere else could than here in the schoolyard. This school is, say, in 14 days in attack to be restored."
Swivel of the tombs in the schoolyard on teaching a class. Answer the question according to the wishes of the students: field recording: 1 students (Voice over): "I hope that in the future no grenades embark on more."
Original sound 2 students (Voice over): "That there is finally peace and my mom can buy back something me."
City block actuality Koschnick (at the desk): "I have with enttrümmert and rebuilt in Bremen - and I'll show you like to be as Bremen looked like at the time. (Koschnick scrolls in the illustrated book "Bremen broke") Pictures that look as if they would be shot over in East Mostar.
This is a model: the European Union and the WEU have never done it. This is something where Europe hopes to be able to use characters: that can be not only military responses, but that you can also secure the peace. With economic, social and even human missions."
UN tanks before ruin, shattered brick houses. Admir Arap be picked before his shot home camp of the THW, stones. Actuality Klaus Buchmüller, THW project manager: this project "is intended to winterize again private homes, so that the damage is not still go. We want to make to so mainly first roofs, Windows, doors, to give the people a reasonably livable Habitat."
Cement sacks are unloaded by Hussein and his family from a truck.
Actuality Arap (Voice over): "this is our salvation that the Europeans and Hans Koschnick here are. We all have to owe them a great deal."
Street, wounded on crutches.
Actuality Koschnick: "matters is that we are able to remove the distrust against each other. (in voiceover) It was like here in 1945, as the first houses went up, hope came up. Drive comes with the hope, as you tackle even with. If it is possible after two years that people without fear through their city can go - on both sides - and not ask, am I at risk as Muslim or Serb as Croat? (in on) "Where away would be afraid, that would be my dream." (Among off tone construction pictures, body of water, Muslim)
Archive footage of the bridge of Mostar, bridge jumpers. FS-recording of the destruction of the bridge, temporary bridge, boy jumps into the Neretva.
(10:03:27 10:07:10) 03 150 years Carl Benz caution! Any foreign material! Black and white shots of various vintage car, photo by Carl Benz, his workshop, engine, patent specification, city pharmacy, containers with "Petroleum", a cleaning agent, which was bought here by Ms. Benz as organic fuel. Several of the first automobile in the Museum, "Ackermann steering system", historical recording of a ride, poster, photo by Carl Benz.
Classic moves from the Museum, various vintage cars on the streets.
(10:07:10 10:09:24) 04. Turkish TV and radio programmes in Berlin inscription on the Reichstag building: the German people, street footballers before the Reichstag, foreigners of various nationalities on the road, Turks sit on the road and at the barbecue in front of the Congress building. Transformer plate TD1 TD1 Studio shooting.
Atalay Abubakr, TD1 actuality: "I wish me, TD1 not only in Berlin, but throughout Germany for the Turks to send and it works for the Turks."
Office space at TRT.
Production sound for Ian; TRT international: "In contrast to the Germans, Turks are more brand-conscious. They are critical, and they like to spend money. They're very spielfilm."
Turks recordings by broadcasting the "Multi-Kulti radio" on the road, building of the SFB, transmitter.
Actuality j. Wendland, SFB: "Multi-Kulti is a forum of understanding. Ten per cent of the licence fee payers are foreigners, what could be more natural to give as a prominent wider space for the Turkish roommate."
Turkish-German journalists pair of Aypa TV drives in a car past the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin.
Actuality of C. Dantschke, Aypa TV: "we want to inform, we want to make fair journalism. We exclude anyone. "We actually all groups offer a forum and we hope to dispel prejudices, in - which we the people show each other."
A music group is interviewed in an outhouse, program completion in a living room. The consensual installation from the Brandenburg Gate and Studio scenes.
(10:09:25 10:12:29) 05 indoor handball Hamelin - Großwallstadt total of Hamelin, Renaissance facades, street. Sports Hall: Rhythmically smacking viewers. Play slow motion studies by 10:13:21-10:14:19 Hamelin - Grosswallstadt, spectators, two gates. 2nd half. Jump on transformer by scoreboard on the playing field, game scenes, viewers, end of the game, to shower, crews say goodbye. Großwallstadt loses 23:31.
End: TC 10:15:23 (10:12:30 10:15:17)



Handball ; Benz ; Rundfunk ; Grüne Woche ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Europa (allgemein; EG) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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