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Cut: Volker Schmidt 01 climate summit in Berlin and Berlin young people's commitment to issues of climate change foreign material aerial view of the Reichstag, emblem, UN flag, Conference.
Field recording: Angela Merkel, Federal Minister of the environment: "we must draw the conclusion here in Berlin: a second step must be followed urgently by the first step." Namely a tightening up of the obligations and commitments for the period after the year 2000."
Mounting fire and water, CO2 emissions, refinery, Pacific Islands, locals there, fairground Berlin, Symposium.
Interview of Dr. A. Tolle, environmental consultants of the industry: "In the medium term, we want to propagate plants with much higher energy efficiency."
Environmental projects, alternative energy, solar mobile at the Brandenburg Gate, protesting environmental groups in the blowing snow in Berlin, cyclists demo. (10:00:27 10:03:43)

Small wind and solar plants, student café with outside solar system build own material students on the roof, in discussion with representatives of the World Youth Summit.
(10:03:43 10:04:29)

Foreign material industry with much smoke, ample parking, great sunset, wind power Park, div. Conference participants.
Interview of Dr. J. Israel Vargas, Minister of science of Brazil: (Voice over): "we care already. Sustainable development is necessary not only for developed countries but also for developing countries."
Actuality J. Benavides de la Sotta, delegation of Peru: (Voice over): "we make our contribution. In Peru we have begun to replace the dirty energy clean."
Conference long shots, Helmut Kohl goes to the lectern.
Recorded interview of Helmut Kohl: "I am deeply convinced that ecology and economy are to reconcile, that this must be no contradiction, I say, can be."
(10:04:29 10:06:16)
(10:00:27 10:06:16) 02. Long-term unemployed again under contract industrial facility outside, Hall Interior, drive outside überblendend on Agency, entrepreneur Holzmann large, total, Secretary big.
Actuality Holzmann: "this programme allows me just what knowledge can be absent from earlier times, reasonable and also at a reasonable speed and something long term to convey (to the off,) unterschnitten with Secretary to the employee to bring that he then his work here so do, as she must be."
Input of a job placement, waiting.
O-ton woman Trotzki: "as employment agencies I of course through long contact with the unemployed insight into its various strengths and weaknesses. Often we have an insight into his personal situation. (next in the off unterschnitten with waiting and wife Trotzki desk) And armed with this knowledge we go then targeted to the employer and just trying to convey abroad long-term unemployed."
Mrs Trotzki in a continuing education centre, women on the PC, woman Trotzki in conversation with an employer, ride in a commercial center, blend on unloading crates with transformer on Mrs Müller, Mrs Müller at the register of augeladenen goods, beverage market inside.
Recorded interview Mrs Müller: "I'm a mediator, the wife Trotzki in the employment office. And she has now finally gives me and I could introduce myself and now am employed in the beverage market. And since I am very pleased that unemployment is now over. (next in the off) I'm among people and earn money too."
Bottles are sorted into shelves.
(10:06:16 10:09:03) 03. Rock band "Lousy lovers" from Greifswald of the "lousy lovers", a German remake of American Westcoast music of the 60s.
Swivel of landscape in Western Pomerania on guitarists, immediately blending on the whole group, blending on singer, old black and white photos be seen by the group, in the apartment of the keyboard player, salad is made with women and kin-dern, common meals, blending on outdoor: lousy lovers from dilapidated House, blending on Reeperbahn, large neon signs, appearance of the band: musicians large and audience, car in Pomeranian Avenue , old Mercedes, in which sits the other musicians, undercut with neon reflections, one of the musicians playing at a dilapidated bus stop harmonica, arrives, holds, the harmonica player goes with be a guitar, drive through alley, heads in the Mercedes, blending on band outside out of the picture-in.
(10:09:03 10:11:54) 04 swimmer Sandra peoples total indoor swimming pool. O Sandra Völker: "am I hot Sandra Völker, 21 years old and my great passion is swimming." (next in the off unterschnitten with start and swimming) I once almost drowned at the age of 4, and since my parents have thought it just so that it never again happens to her, we send them prefer to swim. And until I was 12, I've decided actually still not make the competitive sports in swimming. "And then everything else got deleted and said: now, I just want to swim."
Sandra floats, applies, fönt hair, in the middle of her classmates in the economy high school, art classes, she makes a linocut print.
O Sandra Völker: "because I am running performance in terms of swimming, it is normal that I am trying to market my services. I have very many coaches around me, a great team around me and try to finance all advertising (further in the off) unterschnitten with photo shoot for fashion shoots."
Fashion shoots in Hamburg on the City Hall Square, Sandra with Hat and sunglasses, blend on Sandra in the swimsuit with chlorine glasses, feet on start blocks, start, competition in the German team championship, Franziska van Almsick looks to turn, slow motion, audience, target.
O Sandra Völker: "I'm ambitious, strong-willed and try always, to achieve the goal, I think me before au-gen, or what I have set myself, too." (in the off, goes to after the battle on the camera) "My big goal is long term: 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta."
End: TC 10:15:09 (10:11:55 10:15:03)



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