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Editing: Petra Vissing 01 50 years World War II DW archive debris images 1945 with hidden a year, Brandenburg Gate 1945 hides through Brandenburg Gate 1995 (10:00:27 10:00:46) foreign material (Südwestfunk) official commemoration ceremony in Berlin interview Roman Herzog: "a day on which a goal in the future is pushed up. After tremendous victims and under tremendous victims but just one goal in the future."
(10:00:46 10:01:05)

DW archives swastika is blown up, debris clearing, basic law in 1949 with hidden a year, East German onslaught (trick with Brandenburger Tor), couple Ulbricht on grandstand, trick with barbed wire, wall construction 1961: known escape through barbed wire and old woman who jumps into the Bernaustrasse from the window, weeping, Vopos, balloon Brandenburg Gate settings. Turnpike opening to the West, de Gaulle and Adenauer in Bonn, joining NATO: Adenauer and Mendès-France sign, display 1963, Kiss Adenauer and de Gaulle, genuflection Brandt in Warsaw, Mitterrand and Kohl at Verdun, Kohl and major in the WWG in Munich.
(10:01:05 10:03:14)

Foreign material (l Berlin) cabbage and Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate, Hannelore and Nancy applaud, quote Reagan: "Mr. Gorbatchov, open this gate!"
(10:03:14 10:03:28)

DW archive title overlay 1989, wall opening: Run cheering over the border, Eastern reconstruction: building make and rides on industrial sites over, young people on the road, drive past the Reichstag building, map: divided Germany, ride back on the map of Europe, borders with the Eastern bloc, European emblem shows. Kohl and Mitterrand at the family photo by the European Council in Essen in 1994. (10:03:28 10:05:02)

"Foreign material (SFB) couples Kohl and Clinton at the Brandenburg Gate (10:05:02 10:05:16) foreign material (Südwestfunk) o-ton Duke:" "only if our generation - if we Europeans can do this, then are we of worthy, what made our fathers in a sea of blood."
(10:05:16 10:05:30)
(10:00:27 10:05:30) 02 City Portrait Feuchtwangen Posaunenchor blows from a tower above the city, cityscapes, church outside and inside, wedding: bride and groom comes from the Church, wedding guests and folk, walkers in the countryside (on the occasion of the international day) sings pastor, tourists in the city, city tour, half-timbered Gables, mixed choir, rape fields, cycling, outdoor and indoor drive bicycle History Museum over a bridge, tandem riders, observations at a Jazz Brunch in the open air, , City pictures.
(10:05:30 10:08:21) 03. Telecommunications in new ways attention! Any foreign material! Rocket launch, space trick, archival black and white, different phones, base stations, trick satellite and information superhighway, Telekom employees on the PC, engineering students in Telecom University of applied sciences, stock exchange, Telekom logo hides about in a lineup of various corporate emblems.
(10:08:21 10:10:25) 04 Richard Crisler, an American photographer Richard Crisler, an American photographer, professional political scientists, married to a German, looking for his photos atmospheric motifs in the new Länder. Crisler goes through a forest, focused camera on his legs, holt apparatus out of the camera bag, mounted him on the stand, head large, photographed.
Actuality Crisler (Voice over): "I use the opportunities that is Americans very new for us, after East Germany to travel; because the area for us was completely blocked, we could not go behind the wall before the fall of the Berlin wall, we could see nothing. Now everything - goes (further in the off) unterschnitten with ailing tree trunks that is wonderful for me. Everything is mysterious. I am excited about the opportunity to come here."
Crisler at the Schloß Wiepersdorf in Brandenburg, statue in the Park of the Castle, outside, on camera, photographed statue and a relief, enters Castle Crisler a village church, church interior, photographed. 2 black and white photos: Angel and a vault. Ride through flowering Avenue and East German towns, talking to East Germans in an Inn. More rides through landscapes and places with voiceover (Voice over) "of course I have perceived the great changes here in the East, how things improve as colorful and everything is hopeful. People are full of confidence. I currently do not scan that though, but maybe I'm doing this in the future. The eastern part of Germany is a special place for me." Exhibition of his work in Bonn, Kunsthaus Bonn outside and inside, visitors at the opening, Crisler in conversation with a reporter.
Actuality Rosemarie Stüdemann, essayist: "he must have loved this country, otherwise it would have can not so revealed him. (Next in the off unterschnitten with photos) No, these pictures are not made for a sensationalist media-crazy world, not for a quick glance which flits at the moment over there to read only the surface of events."
Driving through an alley.
End of TC 10:14:59 (10:10:25 10:14:13)



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