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Editing: Woman Ortmann 01 40 years Germany in NATO warning! Almost all foreign material!
Info 4/95 "The new NATO" NATO reconnaissance aircraft, start and indoor, NATO maneuvers, Federal Constitutional Court, Bundeswehr deployment in Somalia.
(10:00:26 10:01:43)

NDW 276 NATO accession 1955: the German flag is raised in Brussels.
(10:01:43 10:01:56)

NDW 313 Adenauer before the Bundeswehr 1956th o Adenauer: "Soldiers, you face a task that is particularly difficult due to some shadows of the past and the present problems."
(10:01:56 10:02:22)

Info 4/95 NATO headquarters in Brussels, meeting with Vaclav Havel and Russians. 1 joint maneuvers in Poland. United Nations building in New York, meeting with Klaus Kinkel. Parade with flags (10:02:22 10:04:19) (10:00:26 10:04:19) 02 "generation move" - techno in Hamburg a Street Parade of the "dance floor"community in Hamburg. The consensual Assembly of dancers, Harbour pictures Hamburg, Street Parade, plates laying on large sound systems on trucks, dancing on the streets and on the car, boy on a traffic light Viewer, arrival of the train at the port of Hamburg, dancers in high-pitched outfit, idyllic Harbour, record is stopped, sunset behind cranes.
(10:04:19 10:06:29) 03 integration village will Mark Zwuschen in Mark Zwuschen, a village in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony-Anhalt since 4 years practiced an integration program between disabled and non-disabled.
Mark Zwuschen recordings: village pond, mother with children, old woman hangs laundry, people with disabilities is in a wheelchair, children's playground. Wheelchair is pushed into minibus, in the basketry, blind weave baskets, free-range chickens on an organic farm, eggs are sorted by a deaf, three deaf women in addition to non-disabled make fashion for chubby supermarket cashier in a wheelchair in a tailoring.
Gabriele Jank, a woman who could run itself until after 11 hip replacements, is the initiator and Managing Director of GmbH. actuality Gabriele Jank: "I don't know if Mark Zwuschen can be a role model, but I think that in each company also handicapped people with pure belong to and that it can be nevertheless economically." Ausschachten work for handicapped-accessible apartments and preparations with an excavator for a nature park.
(10:06:29 10:09:02) 04. German mountain running Championships in Beuren Beuren, at the foot of the Swabian Alb, is venue of the German mountain running Championship in 1995. The length of the barrel is less than 10 km, difference in altitude 463 meters. Total of Beuren, hang-gliders, bicyclists, hikers. Bibs are issued, put on running shoes, man walking on the spot. Ruins of Castle Hohenneuffen, the target. Pats on the back and kiss before the start, start, studies by groups and individual runners, uphill in fog and rain, arriving tired and less exhausted at the castle ruins, the winner (not pictured) took less than 35 minutes. Station Einsenhofen.
(10:04:02 10:11:13) 05. Christos Reichstag wrapping caution! Almost all foreign material!
DSP domestic 13323 Christo drawing of the wrapped Reichstag and signature.
(10:11:13 10:11:22)

EstWest Christo and Christa (Jeanne-Claude) (10:11:22 10:11:26) DSP Africans in Berlin and domestic 13323 footballer before the Reichstag. Christ in the Bundestag, Federal Eagle, Bundestag debate on the wrapping, Christo on the grandstand, Chamber total.
O-ton Christ: Voice over: "it is a great act of practiced democracy. And expression of great tolerance to art in Germany."
(10:11:26 10:12:01)

EstWest weaving of the wrapping material, attach steel girders at the Reichstag, beginning the wrapping, Assembly climbers at work, Christo and Jeanne-Claude on the roof, Reichstag with the first cars, wind hampered the work, work on the roof, to shower, swivel on railways.
(10:12:01 10:13:57)

DSP Pahl Reichstag total and pan across the right hand side.
(10:13:57 10:14:08)

EstWest different views of half veiled Reichstag, balloon.
(10:14:08 10:14:25)

CRC time lapse by the wrapping.
(10:14:25 10:15:02)

DSP Pahl middle front of the wrapped Reichstag flag.
(10:15:02 10:15:06)



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