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Topic overview a. transport projects "German unity" b. Düsseldorf Academy tour c. of Turkish Mayor of Bielefeld d. Neue Messe Leipzig e. box young in Berlin (10:00:15 10:00:40) 01 transport projects "German unity" attention! Any foreign material! (Deges)
Report on construction and expansion of highways in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and building new routes between Berlin and South Germany.
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: landscape pictures and car congestion in changing the map of the region, aerial photographs of highway construction, cut, "wild bridge for deer crossing, traffic jam on the highway Hamburg - Berlin, expansion from 4 to 6 lanes, removing sections of Berlin - South Germany, new companies on the edge of the highway."
Interview Matthias Wissmann: (W. left, right aerial highway construction) "I think one of the big advantages of Germany in the 21. Century and also advantage of the new federal States will be compared to virtually all countries around the world almost optimal transport infrastructure. And because we need to maintain our advantages in an increasingly global competition, these investments for modern traffic routes are not lost, but they are securing the future in the truest sense of the word."
More shots of Highway and bridge construction, map.
O Wissmann: (W. left, right aerial and construction) "that we get a such great team effort of all Germans from the construction workers and Transport Minister and in less than a decade – is a unique performance, on which, as I think Germany can be proud."
(10:00:40 10:04:45) 02. Düsseldorf Academy tour once a year all German colleges open their doors to visitors here for the first time the Academy in Düsseldorf. Outside of the Academy, and installation of works of art inside. The Rector Markus Lüpertz in a conversation and with students at a table stream visitors in the rooms, faster rotating swivel in a room.
Recorded interview Prof. Lüpertz: "we are lucky, that we are a relatively handy Academy, between having a good correspondence with colleagues and that we have, placed more value on to get only the best at the Academy, and also we succeeded up to now."
Different spaces and objects, visitors, video art, painting. The Immendorf painter with students, visitors, swing by always village ring-adorned hands on him, painting.
Recorded interview Marc v. Criegern: "live from art? It is desirable, but I think it's a disaster if it finds other ways to live in order to be able to afford, the art to continue."
Actuality Arno Bojak: "I hope so, but it is actually not to assume. "1000 manages students, I think an about."
Recorded interview Prof. Lüpertz: "that they at least, even if they fail, love the art, and that the Academy gives them an artistic atmosphere, so that it is worthwhile to be artists, not in the financial, but an existential." "And that is the crucial point."
(10:04:48 10:07:39) 03 Mehmet Kilicgedik, Turkish Mayor of Bielefeld of 43 social worker Mehmet Kilicgedik lives in Bielefeld for 26 years and was a member to the 3rd mayor elected by "Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen".
Kilicgedik in Turkish children of the 1st primary school class, to learn german in the game. Girls call their address.
Actuality Kilicgedik: (in the off unterschnitten with him in the tram walking sitting, rising from and in the Town Hall) "so I always say: I have the German citizenship, I live here in Germany, but I eat actually home more Turkish." And that fits, I think even more so."
The City Council of Bielefeld with swivel on Kilicgedik, focus shifts to him. Transformer from church tower on houses of Bielefeld, Renaissance Gable, street, young Turks in the city. Kilicgedik, decreases the receiver, on the phone in his Office (recorded through the window from the outside). Actuality Kilicgedik: "when I say every time I go back anyway, I'm here as a guest after 30 years, then I can not participate actually ever in this design process."
Kilicgedik in conversation with image editors in the Newsroom who sees "Neue Westfälische" photos to.
Kilicgedik actuality: "there is also a middle way. And I can accept this middle way but of two cultures and two mentalities."
Turkish Folklore: large musical instrument and focus shift from musicians on him and back again.
(10:07:42 10:10:38) 04. Neue Messe Leipzig and environmental exhibition 'Terra Tec' idea of the "new trade fair center" and opening of the environmental fair "Terra TEC" by German Environment Minister Angela Merkel.
Flight - and driving scenes of the Nuova Fiera exhibition emblem, details of construction, visitors. Student experiment in the exhibition hall at tables, Angela Merkel inaugurated the exhibition, welcomes exhibitors, Merkel at a stand, various booths and visitors, recycling of aluminium containers.
Recorded interview Angela Merkel: (off-screen, undercut with gang Merkel through the fair) "the 'Terra TEC' here has a super fair (in on) and she must now find as environmental technology fair in particular also in the recycling field. (next in the off, unterschnitten with model of a wind power plant) I find many interesting offers. "It must now still prove whether our companies, who here exhibit, put on our German companies, also international audience (in on) so that really also the transfer, the export of environmental technology succeeds."
Was from tree with solar mobile, transformer outside in an artificial lake on long shot of the new exhibition centre.
(10:10:41 10:13:20) 05. report about training in the Berlin Center for boxing, in the 15 up 17 year-old student from three Berlin schools two times a day train box junior in Berlin, with the aim to be able to take part in the Olympic tournament.
Training: Running in the ring with balls, shadow boxing. Stopwatch hand taping, with and without head protection, on the punching bag, boxing trainer, students on the scale.
Students to the training centre. Questions for the Group and answers: "Say, guys, how is it now - good mood in the classroom after as a strength training?" "Yes." - "pretty much Streß." "What do you have now in the first hour?" "History." "What is there more fun, boxes or history?" "Boxes." - "History."
Students go off.
(10:13:23 10:15:27)
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