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Topic overview a: the new Government b: Osnabrück: 350 years of Westphalian Peace c: NRW: foreigners the police d: Thuringia: Christmas tree jewelry from Lauscha (10:00:15 10:00:35) 01. The new Government of Chancellor Schröder and Foreign Minister Fischer on inaugural tour and statements of foreign journalists.
Caution! Very A lot foreign material! (Aerial photos, fishermen in Paris, Schröder in London)
(10:00:36 10:06:12)

Self nomination of Gerhard Schröder as Chancellor by Roman Herzog and the new Cabinet.
Pan of chandeliers in the Villa Hammerschmidt on Duke and Schröder.
To interview Roman Herzog: "Germany needs reforms and for some we have not too A lot of time - the world is not waiting on us."
Actuality of Gerhard Schröder: "Germany, we know this is an unusually strong country with people who are unusually powerful. And that is the basis for this that we can insist the challenges that lie ahead." Total Villa Hammerschmidt, Duke, and the new Cabinet go to the family photo on the terrace, panning over the new Cabinet.
Chancellor's Office outside in the evening, inside corrected the seat height of its Chair, Trittin, Müntefering, Schily, Lafontaine swivel on Justice Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Transport Minister Franz Müntefering and Müller side, Schröder takes fishing place in addition to Joschka.
(10:00:36 10:02:09)

Foreign material (Provobis and NDR) view from airplane wing.
Foreign Minister Fischer in Paris Fischer with his French counterpart, Mr Védrine outside and talking inside.
(10:02:09 10:02:32)

Equity quote Pascale Hugues: "Bon jour, my name is Pascale Hugues, I'm the correspondent of Germany by"Le Point", the French newsmagazine." In the beginning was a bit skeptical about this new German Government. The team was not known. They were accustomed to rule 16 years with cabbage, and suddenly came Gerhard Schröder, who had a bad press throughout the campaign in France. One has wondered: are only beautiful words, or there's a content in his political program. But it was Very much quickly reassured, Gerhard Schröder has promised continuity in European politics, a continuity in the relationship with France, and this also applies to Joschka Fischer. This new generation, this new political goal - Joschka Fischer, is someone who is rhetorically Very much fit, which has Very much A lot of humour, energetic, who is younger. I like Very much in France."
(10:02:32 10:03:28)

Foreign material (NDR and Provobis) Federal Chancellor Schröder in London balloon and cityscapes of London, Tony Blair welcomed Schröder before Downing Street Nr. 10, Big Ben and Parliament, bus, long shots of the Hall and actuality of Tony Blair: (Voice over) "it shows how close our two countries work together, and it shows the new possibilities since the election of Chancellor Schröder, who largely shares the ideas and the philosophy of our Government. And it shows, how important is the cooperation between of our countries for shaping Europe in the world of the future."
(10:03:28 10:04:35)

Equity (new Rotary and DW archive) actuality Caroline Wyatt: "Hi, my name is Caroline Wiatt and work for BBC TV, and we have followed this meeting of Gerhard Schröder and Tony Blair in England. one has the impression that the two men Very much, Very good themselves, especially with this policy of the new Center. And it is hoped in England on closer cooperation, especially for Europe, although it is not without problems, because not all people are so Euro-friendly in England."
United Nations in New York: flags, globe, building.
(10:04:35 10:05:09)

Foreign material (NDR) Foreign Minister Fischer at the UN is Joschka Fischer welcomed by UN Secretary General Kofi Anam Fischer and US Secretary of State Madleine Albright.
(10:05:09 10:05:24)

Own, Chancellor Schröder in Warsaw Schröder on Finland, government buildings, airport, Schröder is welcomed.
(10:05:24 10:05:49)

Foreign material (Provobis) view from the airplane on clouds.
(10:05:49 10:05:54)

Capital flight from Warsaw swivel by reporters on Schröder, reporters, Schröder laughing.
(10:05:54 10:06:12) 02 350 years-Westphalian Peace attention! Any foreign material! (NDR)
Heads of State from 20 countries came to the 350 anniversary celebration of the peace of Westphalia to Osnabrück. History of the thirty years war and others documented by landscapes and contemporary stitches and the ceremony.
Costumes group in contemporary costumes plays the peace 1648. Roman Herzog will receive a copy of the peace agreement. Arrival of Queen Beatrix and Queen Silvia, long shots.
The 30 years war: Landscapes, Crown of Habsburg, the Defenestration of 1618, engravings of the war events, fire, Cannon certificate and signatory of the peace fire.
Ceremony in Osnabrück: Roman Herzog and King Juan Carlos, long shots.
Actuality Mayor: (off), unterschnitten with total of space, Beatrix and Margaret of Denmark "you step in, have a room, which breathes history. Here advised once to create a peace of far-reaching importance after a cruel war of 30 years. numerous Messenger of their countries (in on)"
Queen Beatrix is entering in the guestbook, reporter with swivel on the family photo of the guests.
(10:06:15 10:09:27) 03. Foreigners with the police in North Rhine-Westphalia a portrait of police officers of Turkish origin MD k.
Sudhir k checks the fit of his tie in the laundry room of his watch, puts on his hat and goes away - including voiceover MD k: "my name is Sudhir k, am 28 years old, police master police officer for 5 years." I'm the German citizenship native Turkish citizen, 25 years here in Germany for six years."
Patrol car departs with blue light, driving shots from the car out, k while driving in various settings.
Actuality MD k: "that was a dream of mine, at that time. This was so the profession that appealed to me, with A lot of variety and everything that is part of the police profession."
More driving shots - including voiceover MD k: "I have charged up a responsibility me thus in terms of integration, because I took a purely German occupation and I live out the, I, and hence the integration, so my contribution to the practice."
Training session of many police officers with a mock accident between a cyclist and a car and a staged traffic control.
Sports in a gym equipment.
Lessons with videos in the police school in Selm.
K logs off himself and a colleague by cell phone to take a break, they go in a Turkish Grill and buy kebabs.
K on nightly Strip drive Peter, exhaustion of Randalierers under police control. Actuality MD k: "tensions in operations between Turkish people and citizens and the German police here can be by colleagues and fellow of Turkish origin better break down A lot, because I think is mostly on the language, culture or just the family ties and things actually don't know a German; It is now as example, women, family, marriage, (in the off unterschnitten with nighttime traffic control) are married. This is a very strange world for German officials."
Nighttime traffic control of two policemen. Recorded interview Karl-Heinz Klotz: "at the moment, where I now by a specific usage of our Turkish citizens have contact, I at the moment feeling safer, because I know he understands what every word they say, (in the off unterschnitten with Peter nightly drive) so that we our now lucky, to have a colleague who understands the Turkish language."
K Strip trip.
(10:09:30 10:13:15) 04. Christmas tree jewelry from LAU review for 150 years is made in Lau show on the edge of the Thuringian forest Christmas tree jewelry made of glass.
Close-ups of glass blowing and Christmas tree ornaments.
Transformer in the long shot of the town free show and two streets. In the workshop by Michael HABERLAND: HABERLAND, in the form of bubbles of glass birds, his mother fills water birds, close-ups of the silver and sprinkling with glitter particles, HABERLAND at his workplace, his mother be the glass fiber tails used and shaped boxes with various Christmas tree decoration.
In the glassworks: Long shot, glass blowers, Glasziehen, glass blowers at work.
Revolving painted ball, swivel by a colorful, decorated Christmas tree on a doll with glass eyes, two fir trees with silver jewelry.
(10:13:18 10:15:36)
(TC end: 10:15:42)



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