Partner und Freunde 1960


Egypt: Erhard sitting in the aircraft and scrolls in acts, great. Erhard with cigar in the aircraft, large. Mrs Erhard with members of the business delegation on the plane. The control tower in Cairo. Arrival in Cairo At night, Erhard go down stairs. Photographers with Flash lights. Tara Palace. German stander cars. Erhard goes to reception when wet. Sentinel presents. Erhard enlists in the visitors book. Picture of the construction of the Aswan Dam. Erhard goes next to Nasser. Wet, big. Erhard, great. The German delegation presented handshake Erhard-Nasser. Press Conference. Nasser speaking to German journalists. list. Press headlines of the visit. Buildings in Cairo. New building of the Hilton Hotel. City total. Bridge. The German delegation's trip across the Nile on an old screw steamer. Mrs Erhard on the ship, half-close. Ashore, waiters bring snack outdoors. The pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx. Modern children's playground. Children climbing on scaffolding. Camel before the pyramids. The German Ambassador Dr. Weber's reception at the Semiramis hotel.

Syria: Total of Damascus. Orientialische buildings and mosques. Press kiosk. Traffic and modern buildings. The German Consulate. Minaret. Orange tree in front of the German Embassy. Ex-President Kuwathi receives the German delegation. Visiting Marshall Amer at the Presidential Palace. Marshall Abdul Aziz in an interview with the business delegation. Consul striping man's farewell reception in the hotel Semiramis.

Sudan: Lufthansa aircraft at the airport in Khartoum. Arrival of the German delegation. Music Chapel plays. The delegation visited exhibition in Khartoum. German agriculture machines are presented. Palace. The delegation visited President Ibrahim Aboud. Visiting the Ahmad el Mahdi, the religious leader of the country.
Aircraft wing taken from aircraft. The delegation to visit the Sennar dam and power plant construction. Crane operators in German crane. Water flows into the locks of the Sennar dam.


Egypt ; Syria ; Sudan



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Partner und Freunde

Minister Erhard und deutsche Wirtschaftsdelegation in Ägypten, Syrien und dem Sudan (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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