Eine Reise nach Indien 1960


01 roll propeller aircraft filmed. Rock landscape, aerial view. by Brentano reads files in the aircraft, half-close. Pets on the plane. von Hase, half-close. Cloud cover. Stewardess in kitchen. Stewardess serves drinks by Brentano.
Indian air lines aircraft at the airfield from New Delhi Safdarjung. from Brentano is welcomed by Ambassador Dr. Melchers. Photo graphs.
Walk through the Park. Shoes be removed. Wreath-laying ceremony at the site of combustion of Mahatma Gandhi. Wreath, large.
Palace. v. Brentano's reception at Prime Minister Nehru. Greeting. Accompanied by by Brentano von hase. Talks. Nehru's fire for cigarette by Brentano.
Guard presents, get out of car by Brentano. Photo graphs. from Brentano visited the Vice-President Dr. Radhakrishnan. Welcome the delegation. Talks.
German flag blowing that big. Mercedes reverses. Swimming pool. Modern buildings. The Embassy in New Delhi. Work meeting at the Embassy with of Brentano. Guard closes doors. by Brentano medal presented the head of the Red Cross in India. He kisses her hand. Head of the Red Cross would like to thank. by Brentano's reception at the Ambassador's residence. He welcomes the guests of Nehru, Radhakrishnan and diplomats.
02. roll (283 m) Street images of Jaipur. Oriental buildings. Mosques. Oxen pulling carts. Cyclists, pedestrians of rickshaws. by Brentano visited city Palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur.
by Brentano climbs elephants with stairs. by Brentano and members of the delegation to elephant step. On the second elephant rides from Hare. Ride to the amber Palace.
Clouds. Sun shining through clouds.
(200 m)



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Eine Reise nach Indien

von Brentano besucht Indien (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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