Ein Flug nach Südostasien 1961


01 nude Cologne: Get up aircraft airfield. Review of the Super constellation. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Hans Joachim von Merkatz goodbye. Pilots and flight attendants before aircraft. von Merkatz, climbs stairs. Asian Ambassador waving to him. Rotating propeller. Pilot in cockpit. Flight over the Alps. Flight attendant offered drinks. Companion writes in aircraft on typewriter. Read Legationsrat by Hare, Director of the press Department, in files. The Legation advice Dr. Döring and mpd. Counsellor Diehl. Head of the International Department of the. Press and information Office. Ministerial Director Dr. Duckwitz, head of the Eastern Department of the Foreign Ministry, all on the plane, great. Flight over snow mountains. Rotating propeller. Pilots in the cabin.

Burma go down neon Rangoon airport, von Merkatz aircraft stairs. Merkatz welcome the German Envoy and representatives of the Government. Transport in road in Rangoon. Pagoda. Rickshaws on road. Mercedes drives. von Merkatz barefoot in front of pagoda. Children lay flowers before Buddha. Visit the pagoda von Merkatz visited Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Greeting of the German delegation. Talks. Visit to the Prime Minister. Talks, von Merkatz, Duckwitz, von Hase, half-close. Reception for President. Talks. Demonstration of Burmese dances. Dance dancers and dancer. 4 dancers. By Merkatz claps, half-close.

Thailand Bangkok: von Merkatz aircraft stairs go down and is welcomed by the head of the air force. Members of the German Embassy are welcomed. von Merkatz Tailcoat with Underwing is Palace. Images of rulers... von Merkatz himself enters in the visitors book. Sightseeing tour of the temple with the 100 gold and silver Buddha. Elephant figurines of Palace. The Deputy Prime Minister receives from Merkatz and the German delegation. Conversation. By Merkatz, great. Wooden cabins on the water and junks. Temple with dragon heads. Face figurines made of stone. Marble temple. Visit the German Foundation of Thai technical school. Sign welcome welcome. Merkatz welcomed who Director of school. Workshops. Apprentices at machines. Reception at the hotel. von Merkatz. and the German Ambassador Dr. Bittner to welcome the guests. Women in conversation. Sitting under palm trees.
(483 m) 2nd Act: Singapore city image. Junks in the water. Rickshaws on the streets. Business Street. Indian Temple sculptures. Modern high-rise buildings. von Merkatz, Duckwitz and German Consul General talk with President of the Republic. Waving British flag. Visit the British Commissioner. By Bunny, big. von Merkatz, great.

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur: Temples of the city. Mosques. Minaret. High-rise buildings. Brisk traffic. Malaysche palaces. Modern buildings. Aircraft stairs is driven. von Merkatz, stairs go down. Health Minister and German Ambassador Dr. Vogel welcome von Merkatz. von Merkatz get in car. Leaving the car. Press Conference at the Guest House. Journalists To write and ask. von Merkatz in addition to von hase. Mercedes reverses. Visiting the Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. Welcome in the residence. big von Merkatz in addition to Abdul Rahman,.

Indonesia Djakarta: Fluttering German flag. Djakarta Kemajoran airport. von Merkatz, stairs go down. von Merkatz, government officials and representatives of the German Embassy is located. Press Conference in the airport building. hase in addition to von Merkatz. von Merkatz visited the Indonesian Chief Minister. Handing-over of smoke set as a gift. Talks. Ambassador Baron of Mirbach, half-close. Car driving in front of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Working meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Business Street. Traffic COP. The German Embassy. The German school in binding. Car driving before. von Merkatz is welcomed by the head of the school. German teachers. Schoolgirl presented flowers. German children sing, von Merkatz speaks with the children.
Travel fields. Police escort accompanied the German delegation to visit the President's motorcade. Entry in the visitors book. Sukarno welcomes von Merkatz. von Merkatz, woman plastic handed over as a gift. Sukarno handed over valuable crockery conversation. Sukarno, great. The German Ambassador's reception. Greeting the guests. Dr. Döring in conversation, half-close. Ladies. hase in conversation, half close, serving waiter.
(446 m) 3rd Act Ceylon Colombo: font Colombo airfield buildings. von Merkatz is welcomed by government officials and the German Ambassador Dr. by Auer. Presentation by members of the German Embassy. Mrs. Bandaraneike receives the German delegation. Talks. Celebrate the independence day. Crowds on the street. Parade. Drummers and flute player. Costumes. Women dance. Mrs Bandaraneike in Gallery. Military vehicles. The British Governor-General in addition to Ms. Bandaraneike. Marching troops. Girl dancing with flat baskets to tea harvest is needed. Tea plantation. Women picking tea. von Merkatz on tea plantation. Machines to process the tea. Colomb Street. von Merkatz wreath lay down on the Memorial by Bandaraneike. The Presidential Palace. joint press release signed by Merkatz and wife Bandaraneike.
Rotating Proepller from aircraft filmed, great. Empfangkomraitee in Cologne. von Merkatz is welcomed on the airfield.
(251 m)


Cologne ; Burma ; Rangoon ; Thailand ; Bangkok ; Singapore ; Malaysia ; Kuala Lumpur ; Indonesia ; Djakarta ; Bandung ; Ceylon ; Colombo



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Ein Flug nach Südostasien

Bericht über die Reise des Bundesministers von Merkatz (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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