Ein Wochenende in New York 1961


Boeing 707 rolls backward from Hall. Boeing 707 Lufthansa rolls on airfield. Recharge your batteries. Loaded with mail bags. Passengers from the bus. Start from the front. Wheels are retracted. Nozzle, filmed from plane. Pilots in cockpit.
Aerial view of the statue of liberty, big. Skyscraper. Riding on a highway. Bridge toll is paid. Drive across the George Washington Bridge. Times square with neon signs.
In the morning early at the fish market. Fish are driven into boxes on a cart. Moving lobster, large. Garbage-one-man cleans up the road. Postman clears mail box. Window cleaner on high-rise building. The Wallstreet. Pigeons are fed by man. 2 pigeons run at a time. Cemetery in the Wallstreet. Pedestrian and traffic on the streets. View from the Empire State Building skyscrapers. Photo Graphin' USA.
Woman puts on mailbox post. Woman get in car. Pedestrians. Women with beaded necklaces around Henry neck. Woman with a poodle. 2 young girls. Showcase. Women can try on hats at Hat shop. Old woman with a flower hat. 2 women read 500 pages strong New York time Sund sheets to distribute. Thick phone books. Young woman on the phone before their neon signs. Car goes backwards in tight parking space and hits against the bumper. Densely-parked car. Giant parking lot. Car cemetery. Driving record large cemetery, gravestones without trees. Skyscraper. Shots from below. Travellers with luggage at the waterfront. Laughing Negro. ELSA Maxwell in a mink coat, the journey back. Übersseschiffe. Skyline and UN building.

Persons in the Film

Deutsche Lufthansa / Berlin


Boeing 707 ; Flugreise ; New York, NY ; Findbuch Kulturfilme Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH

Translated by Microsoft Translator


Ein Wochenende in New York

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Federal Republic of Germany

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