Laßt uns wieder Zeit haben 1961


Plough digs arable soil to (title underground). Farmer plowing. Horses on the grazing cows in the pasture. Sheep on the pasture. Policeman regulates traffic. Pedestrian measure sen in the big city. Traffic. Man nervously on the phone on the desk. Stain hastily take the tablets. Bauer goes with Kohwagen. Strohgededktes farmhouse. Stork on the roof. Child rocks on rocking. Houses in town. Children play on a bunch of tubes. Alarm clock. Man jumps out of bed. Traffic lights. Traffic. Man running around between cars. Traffic light. Nervous driver at the wheel. Second hand advances. Traffic sign: Pedestrian crossing, parking is prohibited. Workers with jackhammers. High-speed train in Hamburg, housewife on balcony. Vegetable cleaning. Saleswoman. Scrum in department store. Woman tried on hat. Saleswoman in the crush at the sale. Doctor speaks interview about health damage.
Crowded highway. Caravans. Car driver at the wheel. Campsite. Woman cooking on primitive cooking. Tent. Railway signal opens. Train stops on platform, travelers to go. Case is placed on the luggage rack. Departure by train. Poking into compartment with glass. Beds in sleeping cars are made. Car headlights on the highway. Railway travels. Auto line is available. Tourists walking in forest. Women lie on deck chair. Young girl sits by Lake at Ofer. Young man with a mask. Girl bathes. Mini golf. Eating ice cream Kphe on pasture. Badminton. Play with children. Grasshopper in hand by girls. Bank on the lake shore. Holidaymakers in Siena. Market. Man eating spaghetti and cut it off with scissors. Valuable paintings in the Palazzo. Siena Cathedral. Marble floor with inlays. Cathedral with figures of Saints.
Workers with helmet at work. Seller sells textiles. Housewife pulls back curtains. Hamburg's cityscape.



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Laßt uns wieder Zeit haben

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Federal Republic of Germany

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