Staatsbesuch in Liberia 1962


Airport Cologne-Bonn Airbort. Lübke welcomes flight personnel. He welcomed Schröder. Lübke is adopted by Adenauer, half-close. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go up stairs. Propeller is started. Lufthansa plane rolls. Propeller, great. Lübke, and Schröder on the plane, half-close. Companion. Lahiri, great.

Monrovia: Newspaper report about the U.S. President's visit. Negro read newspaper on the airfield. Aircraft door opens. Lübke and woman descend stairs. President William Tubraan welcomes Lübke. Mrs Lübke receives flowers. German flag blowing under the Palm trees. German flags and Liberian flags. Playing of the national anthems. Lübke in addition to Tubraan half-close. Mrs Lübke in addition to Ms. Tubman. Band playing. Lübke and Tubman pace ront of 15s.
Negro with flags on the side of the road. Transparent welcome in Liberia. Lübke and Tubman remove parade. Lübke resigns wreath at Memorial. Wreath loop, great. Liberian flags filling the screen. Monument to Joseph Robert first President of Liberia.
Road from Monrovia. Negroes come from church. Child carrying eggs on his head. Cityscape, total. Bags are being loaded at the port. Driving through a rubber plantation. Tree is tapped. Rubber runs in containers and is collected. Clear of forest.
Shield: Delimico German Liberian Minig company. Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke, and Schröder visit plant. Rock. People climb Jeep. Drummers. Negro Inn en whole. Flute player. Mrs Lübke, big as a spectator. Demonstration of dances. Man in Felleingehüllt dances and overturns. Lübke claps, great. Man dances on high stilts.
Cityscape At night. Reception. Lübke is next to Ms. Tubman, Tubman is next to wife Lübke. Welcome to the Gvste. Talks at reception. Lübke and Ms. Tubman in conversation, half-close. Moon over Palm trees.


Liberia ; Monrovia



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Staatsbesuch in Liberia

Lübke in Liberia (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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