Der Staatsbesuch in Liberia 1962

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Federal President Heinrich Lübke is bid farewell by Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and members of the cabinet, including Richard Stücklen. He was accompanied by his wife, Wilhelmine Lübke, and Federal Foreign Minister Gerhard Schröder. - Cologne/Bonn Airport.
On the plane.
Photographs of Heinrich Lübke, Gerhard Schröder and gentlemen from the company of the Federal President, including State Secretary Hans-Heinrich von Herwarth.
President William V.S. Tubman and his wife receive Heinrich Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke at the airport in Robertsfield.
Also recordings by MinDir Karl-Günther von Hase (AA).
Title page of the Iiberian daily newspaper "The Listener".
Reception in Monrovia.
Recordings by Heinrich Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and William V.S. Tubman.
Members of the German colony of Monrovia.
Music corps, national anthems.
Drive to Monrovia (City).
Parade in front of 'Executive-Mansion' (official residence d. lib. Pres.).
Wreath-laying at the 'Pioneers Monument' by Heinrich Lübke accompanied by William V.S. Tubman.
Information about Monrovia, Liberian past and present, economy.
Port, raw rubber is loaded.
Visit of a rubber plantation.
Housing estate of the workers.
Recordings by Heinrich Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke, Gerhard Schröder and William V.S. Tubman.
Road construction in Liberia.
Visit of the DELIMCO German-Liberian-Mining-Company.
Arbeiterkamp, ore extraction.
Recordings by Heinrich Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and William V.S. Tubman.
Visit to the country estate of President Tubman.
African folklore.
Recordings by Heinrich Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and William V.S. Tubman, as well as other guests.
Gala reception in Monrovia.
Recordings by Heinrich Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke, William V.S. Tubman and frau, guests.

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Schröder, Gerhard ; Lübke, Wilhelmine ; Stücklen, Richard ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Tubman, William V. S. ; Hase, Karl-Günther von ; Herwarth, Hans von


Monrovia ; Liberia


Findbuch Kulturfilme Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH ; Wirtschaftsbeziehungen ; State visit ; Diplomatie ; Liberia ; Monrovia

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Der Staatsbesuch in Liberia

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Federal Republic of Germany

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