Staatsbesuch in Guinea 1962


Conakri: Plane lands, from the front. Rolling out Lufthansa aircraft. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go down stairs. Sékou Touré welcomes Lübke, half-close. Playing the German national anthem. Salut. Lübke stands next to Sekou Touré, half-close. National anthem of Guinea will be played. Lübke and Touré pace front of 15s. Welcome of guests of honour. Schoolchildren form Espalier and clap. Female police officer on motorcycle, as Ehreneskorte. People waving from the roadside. Lübke and Touré standing wave from cars. Drive in front of the Presidential Palace. Lübke and Touré on terrace. Touré talks interview. Lübke in addition to Schröder, half-close.
Palm trees on the water. Total pan across Conakri. Port. Lahiri on the port. Lahiri speaks interview with donation of the fisheries research vessel Hilda. Guinesische flag is flown on the ship.
Black women with colorful turbans. Child on the back of the mother. Policeman regulates traffic. Women carry loads on their heads. Market. Lübke woman and Mrs. Touré school for teachers. Dance students.

Kindia: Musicians play. Lübke and Touré waving from an open car. Parade of young people and soldiers remove Lübke and Touré. Soldiers parading girl, boys. Lübke boards the train. Black wave. Driving record through landscape. Palm trees on the beach. Evening reception. Arrival of Lübke in addition to Ms. Touré and Touré in addition to wife Lübke. The State Ballet dances.
Airfield. Lübke and Touré go to aircraft. Touré is adopted by Lübke with embrace. Mrs. Touré abandoned wife Lübke with embrace. Lübke and wife waving from aircraft stairs. Touré beckons, large propeller turns great. Aircraft rolls. Launch and flight.


Guinea ; Conakri ; Kindia



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Staatsbesuch in Guinea

Lübke in Guinea (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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