Staatsbesuch in Senegal 1962


Senegalese flags flying, picture-filling. German flags waving, picture-filling. Dakar Airport. Plane stairs are approached. Senghor welcomes Lübke, half-close. Lübke and President Leopold sedore Senghor step off the front of honorary formation. Lübke and Senghor listening to the Senegalese national anthem, semi-close. Lübke and Mrs. Lübke welcome guests of honour on the flight. Motorcycle escort. Lübke and Senghor get into wagons. Drive to Dakar. Negroes dance in the street. Reitereskocte accompanies Lübke and Senghor. Lübke and Senghor wave from wagons standing. Drummer stumbling on the side of the road. Drive to the Presidential Palace. Modern high-rise buildings in Dakar. Cityscape. Road. Lübke lays a wreath at the Fallen Memorial. Wreath loop, large.
Lübke and woman on cash register when translating. Island. Ships in the port. Drummer. Dancers. Children. Create the cash register. Lübke gets out and is greeted by the mayor. Children wave flags. Lübke welcomes child. Walk through village street.
Lübke visits in the interior of the country agricultural equipment and fruits, millet. Lübke looks at horse. Women in fire painting on nuts. Lübke and his wife go to the grandstand. Fishermen push long boats into the water and perform regattas. Boats capsize and are set up again. Schroeder, big. Lübke congratulates the winners.
Evening by the sea. The illuminated Presidential Palace. Lübke, Senghor and women welcome guests to the reception. Musicians play.
Sunrise. In the foreground aircraft. Lübke says goodbye to Senghor. Lübke and woman board plane. Take-off filmed from plane. Flight over mountains. Evening sky. Pilot's cabin. Pilot makes announcement. Cologne Bonn Airport. Lufthansa plane rolls out. One-win, big. Lübke and woman descend plane stairs. Erhard welcomes Lübke. Lübke speaks o-tone to the press. Schroeder next to Lübke, semi-close



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Staatsbesuch in Senegal

Lübke in Senegal (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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