Der Weg in die Zukunft 1962


01 Act de Gaulle goes umdrängt by people. Posters vibe la France Vive L ' Europe.

Bonn: German and French flags on the airfield. Aircraft rolls out. Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and Adenauer get on airfield, de Gaulle"down aircraft stairs behind him Mme de Gaulle. De Gaulle welcomes Lübke, Mrs Lübke and Adenauer. Cameramen, total. Lübke and de Gaulle go on red carpet. Bundeswehr formation presented. Naval unit army. Playing of La Marseillaise and Germany song. De Gaulle and Lahiri actions from front of stand behind them Adenauer and Strauß greeting of the Cabinet. Gerstenmaier, Erhard, Schröder. Vouve de Murville welcomed Schröder. Lübke keeps original sound Begrüßungdansprache. Wilhelmine Lübke and Mme de Gaulle with flowers, half-close. De Gaulle hands Lübke. Interpreter translates. De Gaulle speaks interview (Vive la République fédérale Alemagne, Vive L ' amtié franco Alemán). Häfeeü-e print Lübke de Gaulle. People clap. UNA Lübke get de Gaulle at Mercedes. Honoring escort. People waving flags on the side of the road. Standing in the car Lübke and de Gaulle.

Villa Hammerschmidt: Flag of the Federal President. Villa Hammerschmidt, half-close. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go against de Gaulle and Mme de Gaulle. Mrs Lübke greeted de Gaulle. Police officer greets, large. De Gaulle and Mme de Gaulle entered the Villa Hammerschmidt. Mrs Lübke and Mme de Gaulle at table. Lübke and de Gaulle in conversation. Stepping out on the terrace. Ships sail on the Rhine.

Gala reception at Schloß Brühl: de Gaulle goes up stairs next to Lübke, behind them woman Lübke and Mrs de Gaulle. Lübke, de Gaulle, woman, Lübke-, Mme de Gaulle, Adenauer in welcoming the guests.
The Wachbataillon of the Bundeswehr plays the large tattoo. Drums, timpani, trumpet, trombones. De Gaulle, Lübke and women listen to sitting.

Palais Schaumburg: Palais Schaumburg, half-close. Car with escort runs out. 2 soldiers present. Adenauer greeted de Gaulle. De Gaulle and Adenauer occur on terrace. Cameramen. Handshake de Gaulle-Adenauer.

Town Hall: People umdrängen de Gaulle. De Gaulle shaking hands of people de Gaulle goes up stairs of City Hall. De Gaulle speaks german from balcony of City Hall, original sound. On balcony, Mayor of Daniels, Adenauer, de Gaulle, Schröder (joint Franco-german work - long live Bonn, long live Germany, long live the german French friendship) people screen gossip. Costume group. De Gaulle in the car standing next to Adenauer.

Cologne: Flags on houses. Escort passes through Cologne. De Gaulle Mme de Gaulle is welcomed before the Cathedral by the Cathedral vicar and Mayor Burauen begrüßt-iwrd and goes to the Cathedral. Swivel about DOM.

: The Rhine Rhine steamer runs. On the steamer de Gaulle and Adenauer, Couve de Kurville and Schröder in the conversation. De Gaulle and Adenauer wave by boat. De Gaulle in the rain without hat and coat of Board is in Düsseldorf.

Duisburg: De Gaulle greeted the workers of the August Thyssen-Hütte. De Gaulle speaks interview (trust of the two peoples, greeting to the generating people friendship Germany France) worker screen.
02. Act of (511 m) flag of France and Hamburg. Lufthansa machine rolls out. On the Hamburg Airport Dr. Nevermann, half-close. De Gaulle comes down stairs. Nevermann greeted de Gaulle. Cameramen. De Gaulle and Nevermann in Mercedes, half-close. Town Hall. de Gaulle waving in car. Nevermann presented gold coin with engraving of de Gaulle and certificate of community 1552. Mrs de Gaulle gets Mocha service with engraving. De Gaulle is registered in the Golden Book of the city. De Gaulle and Nevermann on the balcony of the Town Hall. Crowd at the City Hall square.

Harbour: harbour cruise with Senate barge. De Gaulle and Schröder on board the barge of the Senate. Ms. de Gaulle and wife Nevermann.

Leadership Academy Blankenese: Strauß greeted de Gaulle. De Mazière greeted de Gaulle. De Gaulle and Strauß pace front of 15s. Strauß speaks Couve de Murville, Nevermann as listeners half close original sound (together on the threshold of a new era). General de Maizière speaks interview in French. De Gaulle speaks interview. Strauß screen as a listener.

Munich: Car and escort driving through the city. De Gaulle waving standing in car. De Gaulle resigns the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. De Gaulle welcomes war invalids in wheelchairs. De Gaulle is registered in the Golden Book of the city at the City Hall. Beside him mayor Joachim Vogel. Crowd before the Feldherrnhalle. Transparent Vive de Gaulle.

Female DOM: Cardinal Döpfner celebriert fair. Feed of the Chirknaben. De Gaulle kneels down.

Ludwigsburg Palace: Adenauer, half-close. De Gaulle in addition to Lübke. De Gaulle speaks interview in german (I applaud you speech to the youth - to be young when I look in your eyes...) Heuss half close, Lübke, laughing, big Kiesinger at the lectern is actuality. Adenauer, half close, Schröder, couve de Murville. Ovation for Adenauer. Adenauer rises waving. (De Gaulle long live, long live that when Europe live german French friendship-es): de Gaulle beckoning, goes next to de Gaulle, Adenauer de Gaulle in crowd. Shaking hands. De Gaulle between people filling picture.
(366 m)


Bonn ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Schloß Brühl ; Palais Schaumburg ; Bonn City Hall ; Cologne ; Rhine ; Duisburg ; Hamburg ; Hamburg HA ; Blankenese ; Munich ; Female DOM ; Ludwigsburg Palace



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Der Weg in die Zukunft

De Gaulle in Deutschland (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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