Der Staatsbesuch in Thailand 1962


Airport of Bangkok. Bhumphol and Sirikit with shade on red carpet. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go down stairs. Lübke and wife welcome Bhumiphol and Sirikit. Lübke's in addition to the Bhumiphol. 15s presents. Militärkappel plays national anthems. Blow German and thailändosche flag. Bhumiphol and Lahiri pace front of the stand. Wilhelmine Lübke and Sirikit, half-close. Wilhelmine Lübke receives flowers. Lübke and Bhumiphol go to car. Drive through Bangkok. Lübke gets out of car and is welcomed by the Mayor. Wilhelmine Lübke with flowers in addition to Sirikit with screen. Lübke achieve the Golden keys of the city as a symbolic gift from the Mayor. Lübke, Ms. Lahiri and Sirikit get out of car.

Bangkok: traffic road. Small car. Omnibus. Obelisk. Lübke resigns wreath on the Thai Ehrenal. Salute.

Thai German vocational school: right of way of the car. Apprentices make trellis. Lübke, visited the school. Apprentice workshop. Silk factory: Wilhelnine Lübke visit silk factory. Wilhelmine Lübke gets out of car. Colorful Handspun silk keys are on suspended. Girls on spinning machines and looms.
Water channel in Vorot. Cabins on the shore. Residential boats on the river. Were on the boats sold and weighed. Children on boats.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha: Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke besichti towards the temple. Works of art. Mrs Lübke with screen. Figures.

Reception in the Palace: Bhumiphol goes next to Sirikit. Guests upon arrival. Ankundt of Lahiri and wife. Bhumiphol goes next to wife Lübke, Lübke in addition to Sirikit for lunch. Feast. The elephant of the King. Elephant eye with eyelashes, big. Trunk, large.

Ghien Mai Province City: Population in anticipation of the visit. German flag is hoisted. Shield warm welcome. Children wave flags. Anlunft of the car. Mrs Lübke and Sirikit visit demonstration of working elephants. Elephant lie down. Wilhelmine Lübke and Sirikit in the discussion, great. Elephant stand up and pull teak logs, or roll them with the trunk. Children's faces, great. Small elephant stands hat. Elephant with cub breaks out and is caught again. Sirikit and Wilhelmine Eübke clap.
Waterfall. Mountain tribes perform dances in traditional costume. Wilhelmine Lübke and Sirikit as a spectator. Children in costumes. Lübkes procession. Woman dancing with swords around the neck. Dragon dance. As a spectator Lübke, Sirikit, and Schröder. Women dance with long thimbles on the hands. Photo graphs photographed lying on his knees. Lübke in addition to Bhumiphol.


Bangkok ; Temple of the Emerald Buddha ; Chien Mai



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Der Staatsbesuch in Thailand

Lübke in Thailand (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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