Nachbarn 1963


01 nude street sign Verdun. The battlefields of Verdun. War Memorial - German French youth delegation lays wreath down. Young people with torches.

1914: French boys go through forest and hate song against Germany. Children's books with pictures and texts of hatred between France and Germany.
Grenade explodes. 1-World War II. Soldiers in trenches. Infantry stormed. Return of the defeated German army. Kaiser Wilhelm increases with head on horse and decreases parade. Imperial troops marching.
Clemenceau. Text of the Treaty of Versailles. French occupation of the Ruhr area. Commission visited industry due to reparations.
International sports competitions. German and French athletes compliment each other.
Revelations of monument to. Hindenburg decreases took of former combatants. Ludendorff, half-close. Marshal Foch at the military parade. Wreath-laying ceremony in France at the monument by 1870. Gustav Stresemann speaks before the Reichstag of german French understanding actuality.
Chris Briand speaks interview before the French Chamber in the same sense.
Poster advertisements for German Theatre and opera performances in Paris. Tannhäuser, Der Freischütz, Faust, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. House in a Paris suburb, where his 1 Richard Wagner wrote Opera. Bust of Richard Wagner.

1933: banner: we follow guide command. Adolaf Hitler decreases took. German soldiers invade during the 2nd world war in France. Bombing, gunfire, tanks. May 1945: German prisoners of war in camps. Cities of debris. The west wall. De Gaulle visited the French occupation forces in Germany.
East parade, Russia, East Germany. Marshall plan deliveries. Swearing Adenauer 1949 European youth at the border barriers. Robert Schuman in Germany in addition to Heuss. Schuman speaks interview (spirit of understanding). French guests at Adenauer: Paul Reinaud, Guy Monet, Pinaud, Debré. 1951 signing of Schumnaplanes with Adenauer and Schuman. Smoking chimneys. Border barrier descends. Elections in the Saar.

1956 the Saar selects for Germany. Signing of the agreement of the Saar. with of Brentano. Border gate opens.
(371 m) 02 Act are de Triomphe. German coach before the Eiffel Tower. President Coty visited German Opera in Paris. The Mannheim Opera on tour in Paris. Poster glue stick posters.
Jean Paul Sartre, half-close. Performing "The fly" in Germany. André Gide speaks in Munich. Jean Cocteau on arrival at airport. MIME Marcel Marceau. World premiere of Tobias and Sarah by Paul Claudel in Hamburg actuality. Jean Marais at Venice Film Festival.
German and French street signs are reminiscent of past: Sedanstraße Dijonstrasse Avennue de Friedland. Warrior monuments.
Viewers to Sportplätzer. Football Germany France. Athletics, boxing, rugby. Michele Morgan starts six days. Curd Jürgens and Simone Bicheron. French week in Germany. French journalists on the border of the zone. German French city sponsorship of the Charlemagne Prize to Robert Schuman. Paris fashion in Germany. Dancers of the Folies Bergeres in Hamburg, Germany. French cameraman filming West and East Berlin. The wall. Meeting de Gaulle-Adenauer in Bad Kreuznach and Baden-Baden. Adenauer in Paris and Rambouillet. State visit of de Gaulle in Germany.
Border gate opens. German Panzer grenadiers in Mourmelon. German soldiers with French girls. Fleet visit of the Clemenceau and Colbert in Hamburg.

Verdun 1963: German youth visit the Fort of Duaumont with the graves of thousands of soldiers through explosion. Wreath-laying ceremony.
03. Act of Adenauer in Paris (302 m). De Gaulle in Germany. Arrival at airport. De Gaulle in addition to lübke in car. De Gaulle in addition to Adenauer in car. Adenauer in the Elyseepalst in conversation with de Gaulle. De Gaulle in Hamburg umdrängt of people. De Gaulle welcomes war veterans. Adenauer resigns wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Took of French and German troops in Mourmelon Adenauer and de Gaulle. Parading tanks. De Gaulle speaks actuality in Ludwigsburg to the German youth.
Worship in Reims. Adenauer to de Gaulle.
5. 7, 1963 joint meeting of French and German Cabinet. Signing of the agreement of youth by Couve de Murville and Schröder. Handshake de Gaulle-Adenauer.
Young people maintain war graves. The Memorial of Verdun. Faces of young men and girls, great. Torches.
(150 m)



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50 Jahre deutsch französische Beziehungen (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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