Um das Vaterland verdient gemacht 1963


1st Act Adenauer coin (title) speech before the Bundestag: Adenauer stands in front of the Cabinet. Gerstenmaier speaks interview before the Bundestag to leave Adenauer. Total members. Deputies clapping.

Last cabinet meeting: Adenauer enters room with Erhard and settles between Erhard and Schröder. Hocherl, half-close, gap, half-close. Photographer, half-close. CDU-CSU group: Adenauer stands between members of the group, Barzel, wife black main, Dr. Martin, Erhard. The portrait of Adenauer by Haidar. Mayors of the cities of the EEC countries: Adenauer considered Karrikaturenband "Koni wheel you're jettt door-to-door?" Holiday: Adenauer in Cadenabbia. At the Boxciaspiel with Libeth Wehrhahn. When working, great. Speaks actuality in Cadenabbia. Farewell Reception for representatives of the industry and trade unions: illuminated Palais Schaumburg. Adenauer welcomes guests. Rolf Spaethen in addition to Ludwig Rosenberg, half-close. Large clock pendulum. Rally of the CSU. Strauß, half close, Hale, medium. Bavaria present Adenauer carved Madonna as a parting gift. Handshake Adenauer-Strauß. Arbeitsgemeinschaft of democratic circles in Bad Godesberg. Adenauer receives silver plate with engraved key data of his reign as a gift. Diplomatic Krops: in addition to the Nuncio, Adenauer enters room Schröder, Erhard. Orphanage at Mount Venus: Kindergeishter, great. The orphanage, modern building on the forest. Representatives of the press, film, television. Radio: By Eckart, Axel Springer in talking with Adenauer, Erhard. Correspondents from foreign newspapers: Adenauer, great in conversation, von Hase, great. Press and information Office: Greetings photo wall with photos since 1945 Adenauer and rabbit before the photo wall. Books about Adenauer. Bundeswehr. German armed forces flag, great. Adenauer speaking actuality to the force, in addition to him by hassel. Farewell parade of Federal defense (troop with steel helmets, armored cars, tanks, infantry, marine anti-aircraft guns, rocket car.) Sitting as a spectator: Schröder next to Hunter. Mende, great. Adenauer in addition to von hassel, big parade takes off. Helicopter, Star fighter. Berlin: Aircraft rolls out. Headlights, large, red carpet is rolled out. Adenauer Brandt is located on the airfield. Cameramen. Brandt welcomes Adenauer actuality (RIAS, tagesschau - UFA microphones). "(Ehrenbürgerrecht von Berlin für Adenauer)." Cameramen. Handshake Brandt-Adenauer. Adenauer speaking, actuality, big. Close-up of Brandt. Mercedes goes big. Wreath on the wall tomb of Peter Fechter lay down Mauch and Stacheldra Adenauer. COP, big. Wreath loop, great. People on the street waving. The Schöneberg Town Hall. Dare drive escort. Adenauer's getting out. Waving people behind barrier. Adenauer and Brandt to enter City Hall. Special session of the House of representatives. Adenauer receives Ehrenbür gerurkunde von Brandt. Bonn: Lübke's reception at the Beethovenhalle. Car driving before. Lübke gets out. Adenauer, half-close. Adenauer surrounded by people at reception. Farewell rally of the CDU: Adenauer waving from a podium. Sxhridt Germany thanks Adenauer.
(575 m) 2nd Act Adenauer speaks, large, original sound (RIAS - DLF microphones) – (the fight against Communism is and remains the first requirement - continuity in the next few years, defense of achievement - EEC - economic to political Union - sociological importance of agriculture) listener intermediate cuts: Erhard von hassel, big big. Lotte Multhaupt, and big man. Audience image filling.

Adenauer's speech before CSU: (no nuclear war fighting for peace foreign policy crucial to skill of peoples). Dog big hammer.
Strauß, great Hale, great. Schäffer, great. Hale smacking big the Bundestag total. Gallo at eulogy actuality. Adenauer listening to front of the Cabinet. Long shot of the galleries. Members of Parliament are on "Konrad Adenauer has rendered to the fatherland." Clapping. Adenauer is coming to MP Bank.
(235 m)



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Um das Vaterland verdient gemacht

Adenauers Abschied (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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