Ludwig Erhard, Porträt eines Staatsmannes 1965


01 nude home plate farm mountain 12 and signature "Ludwig Erhard" (title). Erhard emerges from the door of his house on Lake tegernsee. Erhard shakes hands of people. Close-ups. Erhard with cigar, great. Erhard in addition to von hassel, great. Erhard shaking hands during visits: Dean Rusk, Rohn F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, de Gaulle, Wilson. Erhard presented order, receives honorary doctorate, drive eght in white jacket to Johnson has received next to Johnson in an open car, and is welcomed by Ladybird, which is approaching him. Erhard receives gift from children, receives athletes and Wiltrud Ursel man hand. Skating Kilius Bäumler. Erhard clap as a spectator. Football game. Erhard as a spectator in addition to Sepp Herberger. Viewers filling picture. Cars image filling. Machine shop. Headlight auto, great. Oil refinery Tower. Font: The future in the present. Molten iron block on crane. Launching. Erhard speaks actuality (BRD as a trading power, cultural services) modern churches and houses, crossing with overpasses. Railway signal box (o-ton: the modern classless society "in a moving world we are may not freeze...) Because, man, the time of also fluctuating sense to fluctuating, which make the evil, but who firmly insists on the senses, which makes the world".) Secretary on the phone and reads calendar. Erhard receives representatives of the Catholic Church in the Beethoven Hall. Erhard in meeting with Foreign Minister Spaak. Erhard receives the Norwegian Prime Minister Erlander on the station. Stand of the Bundeswehr presents. Erhard and Erlander act out front of the stand. Clock pendulum, great. Erhard at the desk, great. Erhard in addition to Barzel, great. Group meeting. Wall pictures. Erhard welcomes guests in addition to Erlander at reception. Close-up. Curtain front window is closed. Erhard in addition to Mende at Kabinetssitzung. Schröder talks to Hale, great. Large black head. Gap, great. Serenade on his birthday. Erhard and Adenauer in conversation, great. Adenauer and Erhard go meeting through crowd at CDU. Erhard speaks flower wall original sound (community tasks). Watchtower. Vopo wall looks through binoculars (o-ton: shame of the separation of Germany) Erhard rises in Berlin from aircraft. Brandt welcomes Erhard actuality. Camera lens. Close-up: Barzel, enda, Adenauer, Gerstenmaier, black head of hassel. (O-ton: friendship with France)

Paris: Arc de Triomphe. Elysee Palace. Guard marching on. Erhard and de Gaulle welcome guests at reception. German French working meeting of the cabinets.

Rome: driving record Colloseum. Erhard speaks interview on station next to Aldo Moro. (Europe will be born) Audience with the Pope.

London: Downing Street. Bobby regulates traffic. Erhard talking to Alec home and Wilson. Ede of the Lord Mayor receiving actuality, german Erhard speaks interview (it goes to Europe) Erhard and Johnson laugh big. Erhard at the LBJ Ranch. Johnson gives Erhard Texas hat. Johnson speaks interview at lunch. Erhard speaks interview.

Review: Erhard visited after the war, Eisenhower exhibition. The Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and transport (394 m) 02 Act Erhard speaks interview (BRD-example for stability and order) review: debris in 1945 wall collapses. With the Guide to the victory, writing on the wall. Man alone in rümmern immediately. Nöm Maein rubble black market. Currency reform. Filled shop Windows. Erhard as a member of the Economic Council. Erhard as economy Minister Adenauers 1 Cabinet. Erhard during visit to India and Africa.
Center women and construction. Erhard speaks actuality Erhard at Harbor Cruise before the Bundestag. Wheel of winding turns. Erhard with helmet in cage. Miners get out of cage. Erhard drinks with helmet of Steinhäger bottle. Erhard in steel factory workers with safety helmet. Workers gossip. Erhard sees through colorful glass in furnace. Modern industrial site Erhard speaks great actuality (the society of tomorrow) young listeners. Erhard speaks to students. Large audience. The economic College in Nuremberg, gymnasium in Fürth. Parents in Fürth. Poor country farm. Ox pulling carts. Erhard's House on Lake Tegernsee. Interior Design. Closely reading figure library. Erhard's wife, Luise playing Skat. Erhard and woman at the coffee table. Rocking Chair on the terrace. Chamber Orchestra performs concert. Erhard commented photos from his life: Erhard as 12 boy on school picture, with his brother, as an apprentice, with his brother with glass when drinking, family image with parents, as a soldier, as an Assistant. Erhard and his 19jährigen daughter. Erhard laughing, great.
(402 m)


Paris ; Rome ; London



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Ludwig Erhard, Porträt eines Staatsmannes

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Federal Republic of Germany

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