Viva Argentina 1964


German and Argentine flag wave. Lübke is welcomed at airfield, by President Arturo Illia. Salut. 15s presents. Lübke waving at people. Stepping off the front of the stand drives car title. Riders escort accompanied cars through Buenos Aires. People on the edge of the road. Blocking breaks down. People umdrängen car. Lübke gets out of car. Mayor presents golden key of the city.
Aerial view of Buenos Aires. Road from above. High-rise buildings. Lübke and President Illia at work meeting.
Wreath-laying ceremony at the monument of the national hero. Reception. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet guests. Talks. Schröder, half close Lahiri speaks before the Senate and the House of representatives. Schröder's interview, great. The Foreign Minister and the Vice President of Argentina talk interview.
Tractor factory. Lahiri speaks to workers interview (Viva Argentina) workers gossip. Esterer interviewed Argentines Lübkes interview after the visit.
Lübke raised the Chilean flag. Illia hoist the German flag. Inauguration of the Plaza Alemania.
Lahiri on the country. Lübke fondles horse. Gaucho ride. Buffalo herd. Musicians. Meat is roasted on skewers. Photographers. Wilhelmine Lübke drink with straw on Cup. Dancers. Gaucho ride.
Drive cars. Pedestrian. Schäfer on bench. Skyscrapers of Santiago monument. Transport hub. Buildings. Cityscape. Drinking fountain. Views of the city from above. Long shot.

Argentina Buenos Aires of total the high-rise Buenos Aires flight recordings cars on the road by the high-rise building cars on the road from below with telephoto lens new buildings - high-rise ride through Buenos Aires past histor. + New buildings people traffic children feeding pigeons Bank young girl old Gauchos at cooking go folk dance by the road



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Viva Argentina

Lübke in Argentinien (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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