Land der Hoffnung 1964


Aircraft jet aircraft filmed pilots. Faucet. Lübke in addition to Schröder on plane in conversation, great. Aerial view of Brasilia.

Title driving record Brasilia. Modern buildings in the city. 15s. Soldier, great. Lübke gets out of car and is welcomed. Lahiri speaks before Congress. Among the listeners of Schröder and Wilhelmine Lübke. Listeners applaud. The Brazilian and the German flag. President Castello Branco Lübke gives order. Order sash is ambient temperature sets. Lübke gives Branco order. Schröder and woman at reception. Talks. Lübke in conversation.
Buildings of Brasilia. Swining pool. Girl swims. Different city pictures. Brazilians To give interviews + ber Lübke. Visit.
Slum. Children play in front of ramshackle huts. Bus. Modern houses of Rio de Janeiro. Skyscraper. City images. Road. The façades of the houses. Factory. Workers grind. Machine Hall. Lübke, visited Mercedes and VW. Lübke drives VW factory Hall. Children waving flags. Mohammed Adnan interviewed people. Total Rio de Janeiro, with Sugarloaf. Copacabana beach. Road. Girl in bikini. Bathers on the beach. Ship's prow cuts through the water. Sugar Loaf. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke on ship. Mrs Schröder, half-close. Brazilian flag. Lübke leht down at Memorial wreath. University. Lübke upon arrival. Lübke receives honorary doctorate. He gets set to coat. Lahiri speaks. Wilhelmine Lübke Orchid gets presented.
Skyscrapers and street. Young girls go. Pedestrian. Population market. Children drum with wood. Carnival parade.
Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke in reception. Demonstration of dances. High-rise building. Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro. Sugar Loaf.



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Land der Hoffnung

Lübke in Brasilien (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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