Eine Königin in Deutschland 1965


1st Act rotating lamp on aerodrome, great. Red carpet is rolled out. German armed forces band marches on. Go on the red carpet, large Queen Elisabeth is next to Philip to the opening of Parliament. Train will be held. Elisabeth sits down and reads the speech to the opening of Parliament. Philip sitting, half-close.
German and English flag blowing, filling picture. Elisabeth gets out of aircraft behind her Philip. Salut shooting. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet Elizabeth and Philip. Presentation of flowers. Elisabeth welcomed the Cabinet. Erhard Schröder, Mende, Hale. German army band playing the national anthem of English and German. Elisbeth besides Lübke, half-close. Long shot. Wet helmet of Bundeswehr soldier, great. Elisabeth and Lahiri pace front of 15s. Empfangkommitee goes on the red carpet.
Escort runs in the Park of Villa Hammerschmidt. Elisabeth gets out of car. Cameramen. Elizabeth Lübke, Philip, Wilhelmine Lübke on terrace of Villa Hammerschmidt. Lahiri and Elizabeth, + big. Philip, great. Flowers, screen-filling. Lübke, Philip, Elizabeth, Wilhelmine Lübke sitting at table. Lilac bouquet, screen-filling. Before departure, Philip can open the hood of the car. Leave Elizabeth and Philip in the open car.

Reception at Schloß Brühl: arrival ski Erhard and wife Elisabeth. Philip's arrival. Elisabeth sits beside Lübke. Guard battalion of the German army plays the large tattoo. Burn screen. Drum mallets on timpani, great.

Palais Schaumburg: Elisabeth and Erhard occur on the terrace of the Palais Schaumburg. Philip next to Prau Erhard. The Petersberg.
Firework on the Rhine. Rhine ships sail in the fireworks.

The Rhine people waving, screen-filling. Rhine steamer runs. People waving from the shore. Elizabeth and Philip waving Rhine ship. Bank of the Rhine between Koblenz and Kaub with castles.
Munich: Fahnengeschmückte houses. Policeman with handset, large. Elizabeth rises from train behind her Philip. 15s. Goppel welcomes Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Goppel go on red carpet. Elisabeth waving at people on the balcony next to Goppel.
Bayern faces with hats of Bavaria.
Artwork of art gallery. Elizabeth at tour of the art gallery with Goppel. Neckermann riding dressage before Nymphenburg Palace. Duke Albrecht von Wittelsbach welcomes Elisabeth in front of Castle. Elizabeth and Philip in Schloß Nymphenburg. Works of art.
National Theatre, lit. Elizabeth rises before the theater out of car and is welcomed. Police on horseback. Elisabeth and Mayor bird when going to the theatre. Elisabeth along with Philip and Goppel in lodge. Performance of "Der Rosenkavalier". Claire Watson singing the marschallin in der Rosenkavalier actuality. Erika Köth as Adili and Hertha Töpper as Octavian actuality. Scenes of Rose's passing. Elizabeth and Philip welcome artists in the King's Hall.
(398 m) 2nd Act Schwäbisch Hall: tracht Elisabeth beckons next to Kiesinger from balcony. Demonstration of the dance of the salt boiler.

Cologne: Pan via the DOM, great. Right of way by escort. Elisabeth is in an open car in addition to Mayor Burauen. Elisabeth gets out of car. Shade is held about them. Walk to Duomo, accompanied by interpreters Weber. Stained glass windows of the Cathedral. Altar of the Stephan Lochner. The Milan Madonna. The three King shrine.

Duisburg: Elisabeth visited a Duisburg steelworks with Philip. Elizabeth and Philip with protective helmets. Iron River. Philip speaks with workers.

Berlin: Elisabeth is next to a British officer. British soldiers parading before Elizabeth. People on the Kurfürstendamm. Band playing on the road. Waitresses of Kranzler coffee in addition to lettering. Elizabeth and Philip when driving through the city in the company of ressebussen. Drive in front of the Brandenburger Tor. East Berliners on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate. Vopos see through binoculars. Wall and barbed wire. People wave. Elizabeth goes alongside Brandt to the Schöneberg Town Hall, behind them Erhard. Elisabeth waving from the balcony of the beautiful Berger's Town Hall. Elisabeth enlists them in the Golden Book of the city. Elisabeth speaks before the Schöneberg Town Hall interview. Schröder stands behind her. Erhard sprieht interview. Elisabeth sits next to Brandt, half-close.

Airfield präsentoert force. Elisabeth waving at the plane door. Philip boards aircraft. Aircraft rolls.
D train. Elisabeth in carriage, on Rhine steamer, in Mercedes next to Philip. Children waving British flags. Philip drive next to wife Erhard in car. Old women at window. People on the balcony. Elizabeth accept flowers in car. People pushing against blocking. People crowd, filling the screen.

Hamburg port. Overseas bridge with the yacht Britannia. Bowl drive. Elizabeth rises to bowl. Joined the Navy on the deck of the ship. Elizabeth and Philip go aboard éer yacht Britannia. Evening mood at the port. Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and Nevermann go to the yacht. The Michel in the background. Marine band plays. English flag at the parade. Silhouette of the ship bow before the Michel, driving. Erhard with cigar, great. Elizabeth and Philip are on the ship. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke wave. Illuminated Britannia extends.
(287 m)


Villa Hammerschmidt ; Schloß Brühl ; Palais Schaumburg ; Rhine ; Munich ; Schwäbisch Hall ; Cologne ; Duisburg ; Berlin ; Hamburg



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Eine Königin in Deutschland

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