Stern und Adler 1965


Waving flag of Somalia (title underground), German flag blows. Waving flags of the Federal Republic and Somalia.
Airport building Bonn Cologne, red carpet is rolled out. Lübke in conversation with Erhard, Lahiri, great. Erhard, great. Aircraft rolls out. Stand of the Bundeswehr presents. Abdullah Osman gets out of aircraft. Lübke welcomes Osman.
Osman welcomes African diplomats. Lübke & Osman while listening to the national anthem of Somalia. Lübke and Osman pace front of the stand. Osman climbs Mercedes.
Motorcycle escort driving with headlights.

Dad Palais Schaumburg: Osman out dare enters House. Erhard and Osman enter Hall. In the wake of Scheel. Handshake Erhard-Osman.

Villa Hammerschmidt: Greets COP, big. Osman enters the Villa Hammerschmidt Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet Osman. Order, size, kin cassette. Lübke's order of Osman. Order, size, in cassette. Osman pins order Lübke. Photographers.

London: Visit by Klöckner Humboldt Deutz. Pictures by Nikolaus Otto and Maibach. Old engines in the Museum of the work. Osman at the visit to the plant. Motors on the production line. Osman's work. Workers at Assembly. Trek will be screened and tipping wagons.

Visit workers on the construction site Zoo bridge in Cologne. Polishing cleans the shoes Kedar symbolically. Greeting.

Wolfsburg: Locomotive arriving on station. VW's parking lot filling picture. VW's drive through Wolfsburg. The plant. VW's when construction on the Assembly line.

Bremen: Visit at the flight school, the Deutsche Lufthansa. Pilots at the theoretical lessons. Student in sport aircraft. Flight.
Visit to the Bremer Lagerhaus Gesellschaft model space. Model system with loading facility. Model of the Bremen fähfrt.
Airfield: Osman climbing aircraft. Propeller turns. Osman waves from aircraft.
Map of the Federal Republic, GDR and wall. Berlin, West and East Berlin wall.

Berlin: Pan am machine rolls out. Police officers marching on. Osman gets out of aircraft. Alberts welcomes Osman. Osman is from front of stand of the police. City trip. Motorcycle escort accompanied bus. Driving record: Memorial Church, Kurfürstendamm, Charlottenburg Castle, Ernst printer square, Congress Hall, Philharmonic Brandenburger Tor. Osman climb scaffolding at the Brandenburg Gate. Driving record Russian War Memorial. Wall and barbed wire. Osman at the wall.

Garmisch Partenkirchen: Village Road, cow pulls car. Bayer sitting on bench with a beard. Maglev train runs. Osman moves to maglev train to the Zugspitze. Drive through snow-covered firs.

Munich: cityscape with traffic. Flower stall. Young people sitting on the fountain of the cattle. The State Institute for animal breeding. Dog hammer welcomes Osman. Visit the breeding centre. Sheep, screen-filling. Demonstration of Haflinger horse and Bavarian draft.

Airport Munich: dog hammer in addition to Osman. Lufthansa aircraft. Osman waves from aircraft. Aircraft rolls. Launch of Lufthansa Boeing from right to left. Long start.


Palais Schaumburg ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Cologne ; Wolfsburg ; Bremen ; Berlin ; Garmisch Partenkirchen ; Munich ; Airport Munich



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Stern und Adler

Besuch des Präsidenten Abdullah Osman von Somalia in der Bundesrepublik (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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