Es gibt wieder eine Europa 1966

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Ship's prow is located in the image lines, Moon in the night sky (title underground) the European side the Columbuskaje in Bremen. Settings of the vessel. the Kungsholm (before rename) the Sea met the Berlin. The German flag is flown. Tug, look through the life preserver.
Reconstruction of the Kungsholm at the shipyard. Scaffolding around the chimney. Rust hammers hitting the paint from the ship's hull. Rumpft will be repainted. Attaching the Namenszuges of Europe. Setting up the kitchen. Painters painting cabin door. Wood wall is cut off. Carpet floor coverings is unrolled. Mosaic wall in Hall "Europa on the bull". The captain on his desk.
Picture of the old Europe. Passengers on the old Europe. Menu, dining room. Passengers on deck on deck chairs. Men sit in turn room on bicycles. Massage therapist massaged with Massaggegerät. Swimming pool. Dance. New Europe be folded out wall beds in cabin. Steward makes bed and puts flowers on table in cabin. Hairdressing salon. Bottles are made in cash. Food acquisition prior to exit. Stock. Meat, fish, lobster, screen-filling.
Board printing. Menu is printed.
Cooks at work, great. Her duties of boards. Passengers ashore prior to departure. Passengers board the ship. Officer prior to map. Entry in the journal. Radio operator. Recording of the weather report.
Playing chapel on land "Must i do". The lines are made up. Ship's bow pushes. Passengers waving from the ship. People waving from the shore. Sailor at the helm. Rudder is installed on fully. Ship's prow cuts through the Sea (from the top).
Arrival in New York. The sky line.



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Es gibt wieder eine Europa

M.S. Europa (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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