Reservisten der Bundeswehr 1966


01 reservists with straw hats after the military service draw Act singing from the barracks.
Young man repaired motor vehicle workshop. Breakfast break. His business is with Infosys interview.
Move over soldier boots, big. Spike speaks to the soldiers before the dismissal. Feet dismissed in civil, standing. Excerpt from the barracks, singing "has reserve Ruh". 2 young men in the railway. Train arriving at the station. Young man gets out. Waving with a straw hat.

Bremen: Old ship Amazon is located in the port. Marine reservists go to the ship. Theoretical lessons. Riding on a transport ship. Equip young men on sailing boat. Command through speakers. Turning buoy. Rowing. Rudder appears in water, great.
Young man talking to Sergeant-major of the reservists after the release.
Dropping of the reservists performance badge. Paddling in the inflatable boat. Throw the hand grenade. Shooting Senne camp near the Schießwettbewerb of the Bundeswehr. Rifle and pistol. Obstacle course. Skip and creep through obstacles.
Castle gate opens. Reception in the Othello-Palais in Copenhagen. Winner of the shooting competition will be awarded.

Munich: Discussion between reservists and politicians in the Maximilianeum actuality.
(350 m) 02 Act reservists during exercise men against tanks. Mine lock is buried on the side of the road. Tank driving. Soldier fires lock. Explosion. Are tanks stay burning. Soldier fires a bazooka. Exercise the recovery of injured. Verwundeter is laid down. Leg receives rail is he on stretcher in Sani car pushed rises in aircraft pilot. Glider is towed in.
Reservists in winter combat exercise in snow suits. Skiing. Snow shelter building. Creep in shelter, eating and sleeping.
Officer speaks o reservists evening. Military force model of the largest vehicle of the Kompante makes the gift. Weapon issue for reservists. Stand still. Running to cars and boarding. Departure of the motorcade to the exercise.
A cosy evening with Damne. Women's faces, great. Dance. Man plays ship piano "on the Reeperbahn".
The two friends in the car shop talk. Young man on the phone during the lunch break. Friend on the phone on the desk. Parked in front of House. Both men come from home. Car driving off. Skill driving the reservists on the barrack square cans Street.
(343 m)


Bremen ; Munich



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Reservisten der Bundeswehr

Freiwillige Weiterbiuldung und Betreung nach dem Wehrdienst (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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