Die Geschichte der deutschen Teilung 1966


01 nude Olympic Games in Tokyo 1964 torch runners lit the Olympic flame. Invasion of the German team. Raising the German flag with the Olympic rings.
Invasion of a sports team with shield East Germany. Boy wears sign West Germany.
Belching a window overlooking the zone boundary. Shield: Zomengrenze shut. Barbed wire. Watchtowers. Window bricked in Berlin. Wall Tomb. Luftaufnhame wall, Brandenburger Tor. Map with zone boundary title: the faces of the German Division of Berlin around the turn of the century. Horse. General strike. Uprising. Traffic flows through the Brandenburg Gate. Charleston dance. Man take care of any work with a sign around his neck. Great depression. Snake of the unemployed. Onslaught by Socialists and Communists. Street fighting. Room battles. 30.1.1933: torchlight procession. Hitler salute in car. Cheering people. Close-up of Hitler, laughing. Parades. Marching soldiers. Map of the war occupied territories. Bomber fleet. Falling bombs bundle. US troops in occupation of the Rhineland. Meeting the Russians and Americans in Torgau. Battle for Berlin. Soviet troops raise the red flag on the Reichstag Keitel signed the surrender in Karlshorst. Dönitz and Speer from arrest. Cities of debris.
1943: Conference Tehran with Churchill, Stalin, Mimara.
1945: Yalta Churchil, Stalin, Roosevelt Conference. Map shows distribution of Russian will. Bringing forward the Russian border to the West. Poland receives Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia. Russian sphere of influence. Map zones of Germany.
Flüchtlinstrecks from the East. Detention center. Freight trains with people. Reparations Commission in the Ruhr area. Children play in the ruins. Vegetable is loaded by trucks.
1945: Conference of Potsdam with Churchill, Truman and Stalin.
Creation of the Allied Control Council.
1946: First municipal elections in the zones. In the East, the SPD and the KPD is the SED. Onslaught in 1947 in the East before Pieekk and Grothe well-being. Lawsuits against Ebrahim of the regime. Secret cross-border workers from the East zone. Crowded train with people on roofs and running boards. Meeting of Prime Ministers in Munich without participation of the eastern zone. Meeting of Foreign Ministers in London. Resolution of the Allied Control Council. Students call for creation of the free University of Berlin. Demonstration against obstruction of the freedom in West Berlin. KP demonstration in the East. Blockade. Berlin airlift. Ernst Reuter says "we have no say... Original sound.
1948: Currenc reform in the West. Hannover Messe of 1949 1948: Meeting of the Constitutional Council in Herrenchiemsee. Reimann protested. The basic law.
1949: German flag is raised on the Federal Parliament in Bonn. Elections. Election posters - counting. 1st Bundestag. Heuss and Adenauer. Schumacher and Ollenhauer. Swearing in of Heuss and Adenauer. Ulbricht, Grothe well-being and Pieck, great. The East Berlin people's Chamber. Elections in the East a year later. Suhr speaks interview. Traffic controls at the border of the zone. Military parades in the East. Parade step, boots, big. East German prisons.
02. Act of Stalin on his deathbed (496 m). The successor to Molotov, Beria, Malenkov. June 17, 1953: Uprising in East Berlin. Russian tanks.
Admission of the Federal Republic in the NATO. Swearing in of Bundeswehr soldiers. Session of the Warsaw Pact. UN Commission in Germany to examine the possibility of free elections in Germany. GDR denied entry. the Kremlin. 1954: Berlin Conference of Foreign Ministers of the victorious powers without any result. 1959: Geneva Conference. by Brentano. Session.
1960 – Summit Conference in Paris. Close-ups of Khrushchev. Brother Kiss Khrushchev Ulbricht.
Zonenegrenze. Tracks ripped-off. Building in West Germany. Build. Industry images. Modern houses. Car traffic.
DDR: debris clean-up women. Empty streets. HO-Laden. EMblem: DDR that is the future of Germany. Agriculture machine harvesting. Art exhibition with Ulbricht. Jugendweihe. Wedding ceremony without priests. Young pioneers in vormilitärischer exercise. Practice hand grenade throwing and shooting. Combat troops of the SED during exercise.
Feet go. Notaufnahmelager for refugees in the West (3 million refugees from 17 million) 13.8.1961: wall construction. Waving down over there. The face at the border. Vopos. Wall refugees. Verwundeter is worn. Flowers on the wall. Child in a training suit on the wall. Passes for pensioners. Walk through wall lock. Touching greeting.
Detailed people filling picture. Brandt speaks interview (life apart prevent - by the juxtaposition to the togetherness) (337 m)



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Die Geschichte der deutschen Teilung

Negativ: Hadeko Neuss (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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