Das Brandenburger Tor 1966


01. nude pan across Earth, snow. Feet going up staircase. Visitors of the Brandenburg Gate actuality give interviews.
The Brandenburg Gate - camera trip. Wall. Pan t. sentry to b. DDR flag.
Reproductions of paintings of the 18th century. Meeting under the Linden trees. Friedrich Wilhelm II: construction of the B. t. 1793rd Napoleon rides T by the b. The quadriga is dismounted. Friedrich Wilhelm III: Paintings of the time. Gas lanterns. 1826: Parade. Civil war. Killed in action March. City map of Berlin with East-West axis by the B. t. Wilhelm I: 1848: Berlin becomes the capital city of the German Empire. Imperial coronation in Versailles. Victory column. Burial of William I. Black imposed b. T.

Film: Wilhelm II. climb horse with head. Social life at the turn of the century. Officers. Fashion show. Tenements. Elendsstrassen. Carriages, tramway in Berlin mobilization to the 1st World War. People umjubeln pulling out soldiers.
(408 m) 02. Act 1918: Scheidemann proclaimed the founding of the Republic (photo). Red sailor on the roof of the B. t. with MG. The frieze of the building "The train of peace". Street fighting. Famous visitors in Berlin: Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Käthe Kollwitz, Heinrich Zille, Willi Fritsch as a young man. The Quadriga, great.
Decline of the society: there. Dance, Charleston - misery faces with sign "Take over any work", children from Elendshäusesrn - girls dance. Fashion show, traveling in the winter garden, penny farthing troop before the B. t. roller runners before the B. t. - checkpoint of the unemployed.
Hindenburg decreases parade at the B. t. choice. Göring, Göbbels, SA marchiert. Swastika, big. NAZI troops marching t. Hitler through the b, big. Illuminated B. t. and victory column. Book-burning. Hitler driving through the B. T. The Reichsarbeitsdienst. Women in factory. 1939: World War 2. Parade. Hitler shaking hands with Hitler youth. Goebbels speaks. Volkssturm men marching on with rocket-propelled grenades. Hitler youth marching. Jubilant BDM girls and Hitler youth. Refugee Trek. Parade - train of the Stalingrad prisoners. Feet wrapped with a cloth. Verfrorene feet sneaking through snow.
03. Act of burning Berlin in World War 2 (290 m). Russian soldiers hoist the red flag on the B. t. destroyed Quadriga. Russian officers before the B. t. fallen to road sign "Unter den Linden". Churchill on the B. t. clean-up in the Zoo. Potatoes are placed. Russian police officer controls the traffic. Bicycle tax. Hotel Adlon. People sit outdoors on the Kurfürstendamm. Hans Albers as Liliom actuality. Cycling on the B. t. moving in the GDR with giant banners of political leaders. Reuter says "your peoples of the world... Look at this city!"
Aerial photographs of B. t. and victory column. The quadriga is brought t. b.. The 17 June 1953 uprising in East Berlin. Russian tanks. Red flag is obtained from the B. t. and torn. Wounded of 17 June.
Mannequins with Emilio Schubert from the B. T. 1958: Renovation of the B. T. New Quadriga. Marienfelde refugee camp. Ulbricht 1961 original sound "No one has the intention to build a wall". The building of the wall. Waving down over there. Chants. Guard dogs. Wall refugees. Old woman jumps out window. Dead is worn.
Aerial photographs of B. T. Berlin, wall. Visitors to the B. t.: Elizabeth II and Philip, Haile Selassie, Robert Kennedy, Nixon, Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Khrushchev, Adenauer, Kiesinger. Interviews by de seekers the b. t. actuality.
(335 m)



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Das Brandenburger Tor

Stimmen aus 2 Jahrhunderten (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Proclamation of the German Republic (November 9, 1918)

On November 9, 1918, in the early afternoon, Philipp Scheidemann stands on a balcony of the Berlin Reichstag and proclaims the end of the German Empire and the birth of the first German republic. Just a few hours earlier chancellor Max von Baden had announced—without any authorization— the abdication of the Kaiser and transferred the emperor’s official duties to Friedrich Ebert, the chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Wilhelm II had stalled his resignation over and over again. The victors had made it a condition for the cease-fire. Workers and soldiers who opposed the futile continuation of the war, also called for him to step down. A naval uprising in Kiel at the beginning of the month ignites a countrywide revolution. A general strike is called for November 9 and the declaration of a council republic is announced. Scheidemann’s intention behind his spontaneous declaration is not just to calm down the masses but also to preempt Karl Liebknecht’s proclamation of a “free socialist German Republic” on the same afternoon. Scheidemann wants to make sure his party stays in control amidst this revolutionary atmosphere.

The audio file of Scheidemann’s historic words “The old and rotten, the monarchy has collapsed. The new may live. Long live the German Republic!” is not an original recording but was actually recorded later.

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