Impulse Geschichte der Kommunikationsmittel 1966


01 nude black and white sea with light waves, image filling. Burning branches as a fire sign of the natives. Black drum. Running legs of natives. Carrier pigeon lands front roof window. Sailor is Morse code with flags. Morse lamp. Spark transfer title: impulse color: red warning light. Satellite receiving station Holzhausen. The rotating screen. Computer control room.

Black and white: Writers on old-fashioned Teleprinters. Reed goes on the sea. 1 World War. Ride type Elle Gallery. Line is laid. Build of a radio station in the 1st World War. Make a call. Ascent by balloon. Gun is set. Launch. Aerial above clouds. Telephone Central Office. Operators on roller skates plug talks. Old fashioned phone, great. Relay station.
Beginning of wireless telegraphy. Transmission of photos and news. Beginning of broadcasting. Headphones. Singer during recording. Radio cars on the road. Lady in front of Eiffel Tower with recipients to garter belt. Still photos of Hans Bredow, pioneer of broadcasting. Transfer car ride inscription will broadcast listeners. 1921: Karrikaturen of the first radio listeners. Car radio with large speaker in an open car. Landing the Zeppelin. Radio reporter. Studio. 193: Albert Einstein speaks interview on radio show. (Broadcasting helps against alienation and hostility of the people). Traffic in Berlin, New York, Paris, London. 1 television show in the 30s.
1936 + TV phone. TV room.
Radar development in the laboratory.
2. World: Soldiers remote insert cable. Radio operator speaks. Drive tanks. Air ground headquarters. Radar display.
1945: The radio tower Berlin. Ride in the elevator. Views of the city. Cable is laid by ship. Highway. Railway goes over bridge. Aircraft. Motorway junction. Moon.
02. Act of (415 m) color: aircraft instruments. Train with locomotive. Computer centre. Soft turns. Shunting of trains. Package distribution machine. Letter sorting machine. Computer IBM with punch cards. Stock Exchange. Car racing. Car traffic in the city. Red traffic light. Railheads. Remote-controlled train car. Automation. Color TV samples. TV Tower. Relay station. Satellite receiving station. Broadcasting centre of the Deutsche Welle (shortwave) radio masts.
Jet plane in the clouds. Military airport. Flight over snow mountains. Radar screen, great. System of military warning system of NATO in Norway. Satellite launch. Astronauts for space flight case announcement, star in the Weltenraum. Astronaut flies in the Weltraumund glove loses. Starry sky.
(295 m)



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Impulse Geschichte der Kommunikationsmittel

Ein Film der NATO-Informationsstelle (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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