Hochschule, Herd der Unruhe was wollen die Studenten? 1968


01. nude empty Hall of a University. Scrawled on the walls. Student demonstrations around the world (archive) fights with the police. Water cannons. Dutschke in Berlin. Silent March for Benno Ohnesorg.
1945: The Siegestor in Munich in ruins. Debris pictures.

Photo: Wilhelm von Humboldt transformer.

Photo: Kalr Heinrich Becker (reform politicians after the 1st World War) construction pictures Konstanz: Waldemar Bessem (Department of political science) gives interview on reforms of higher education.
Students sit in restaurant and discuss original sound. Conflicting opinions. Historian holds lecture on authority. Students in the Lecture Hall.
Students stand in long line in the hallway for Immatrukalionsformalitäten. Library. Students read.

Berlin student Assembly in the Audimax. Long-haired.
(341 m) 02 Act music students with guitar, sings Negress. 2 students give interviews (claims of students - violence) science lecture. Students in the Lecture Hall. Attempt. Election of the student Parliament. Voting and counting.
Alexander Mitscherlich holds lecture.
Pan across snow roofs. Forklifts on the construction site. Man with a Jackhammer.

Bochum: Students rise in upper floor window and let fly from stem paper planes. Rector Professor Biedenkopf speaks trial production sound.
Heart surgery.

Berlin: Students "go in" Helmut Gollwitzer, Professor of theology, talks about reform and permission of student demand. He ignites big pipe. Close-up of actuality.
Students in University Hall.


Berlin ; Munich ; Konstanz ; Bochum



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Hochschule, Herd der Unruhe was wollen die Studenten?

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Federal Republic of Germany

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