Welcome Mr. President 1969


01 snow roll falls on airport Cologne-Bonn. Preparations before the arrival of Nixon's. Bleachers will be built. 15s marches on. Red carpet will be laid out. President machine rolls out. People waving, Nixon comes down stairs and is welcomed by Kiesinger. 15s presents. German army band playing. Nixon and Kiesinger pace front of the stand. Nixon surrounded by photographers, waving. Kiesinger holds welcome speech. Handshake Nixon Kiesinger. Nixon speaks. As listeners Strauß, Stoltenberg, Schiller. Kiesinger claps after speech.
(287 m)

Palais Schaumburg: motorcycle escort accompanied President car. Nixon, surrounded by folks at getting out. Conversation between Nixon and he was at the Palais Schaumburg. Braadt in conversation with Secretary of State Rogers. Joint Conference. He was in addition to Brandt, compared to Nixon in addition to Rogers.

City Hall: Mayor Daniels Nixon welcomes. Nixon is registered in the Golden Book of the city. Nixon receives Medal as a gift and presented boxed gift.

Villa Hammerschmidt: Lübke, Nixon, Wilhelmine Lübke, and he was with Begleitun on the terrace of the Villa Hammerschmidt standing. Hardy Jürgens on camera, great. Nixon between Lübke and Wilhelinine Lübke, half-close. Among the guests, liver, soft man, hassel, Heinemann, Erhard. Feast. Lahiri speaks with Rogers, von hassel with Nixon.

Bundestag: Nixon enters the Bundestag in addition to Kiesinger, von hassel, Nixon welcomes. Nixon speaks to the Bundestag. Clapping.

Reception: Nixon with Kiesinger and wife upon arrival. Entry in the guestbook. Welcome by Schröder. Schiller, great. Kiesinger.

Airfield: Nixon rises from helicopter, children waving flags. Climb the machine of President Nixon and Kiesinger, airplane rolls.
02. roll (287 m), Berlin: aircraft rolls out. Salut shooting. U.S. troops form trellis against aircraft. Nixon, Kiesinger and Brandt coming down stairs. Contactor keeps welcoming speech. Nixon speaks. Soldiers lower flags and raise them again. Nixon steps off front of U.S. troops. People jump over blocking un umdrängen Nixon. Ride through the city. People waving from balconies. The wall. Policeman at the wall. Nixon enlists in the Goluene book of the city. Handshake Nixon contactor. Handing-over of image.
Go to Siemens. Workers with helmet image filling. Nixon speaks to the workers by Siemens. Security officials at Nixon. Nixon shakes hands of the workers. Nixon, Kiesinger and contactor get on roof of car and waving to people.

Airfield: airfield full of puddles. Nixon goes up stairs. Waving. President machine rolls on. Start.
(174 m)


Palais Schaumburg ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Bundestag ; Berlin



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Welcome Mr. President

Richard M.Nixon in der Bundesrepublik (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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