Das Erfurter Gespräch - Treffen Brandt-Stoph in Erfurt 1970


Bonn: Car driving in front of station. Ebrahim gets out. Brandt, walking, surrounded by photographers. Brandt get on the train. Waving from a train window. Train departs.
The zone border with border guards. Shield German Democratic Republic. Photographers and cameramen on railway line. Train. People's Army marches on.

Erfurt: Raising of the flag of the Federal Republic. Stoph on station in Erfurt. Crowd on the road. Train station Erfurt. Close-up Stoph. Soldiers are blocking chain before people. Train arriving. Brandt gets out. Welcome by Stoph. In addition to Brandt Ahlers. Stoph and Brandt walk down stairs by station with accompaniment. People press behind barrier. Brandt goes as well as he should. Waving people. Brandt at the window of the Erfurt Court. People wave upwards.
Sentry in front of the hotel. In the meeting room he should and sitting Brandt Ahlers and Egon Franke. Crowd in front of the hotel. Ahlers informed journalists.
Erfurt City image. Dr. Patrick interviewed people. Brandt comes from the hotel. Transparent: An end to Revance and neo-Nazism in Germany. Car driving off. He should come out of the hotel and shakes the hand of people.
02. roll (183 m) Dr. Haese interviewed passers-by. Trip to Buchenwald. Picture of road out of car. Windshield wipers. Wagon train stops. Soldiers of the people's Army wear large wreath of Bundesknazlers Willy Brandt in Buchenwald at wreath-laying ceremony.
Brandt and Stoph go to train station, surrounded by ensehen. Brandt and Franke on train window, large. Train departs. Stoph on station.
City image Erfunt. Dr. Haese interviewed young people and children. He should speak before the people's Chamber. Willy Brandt speaks before the Bundestag.
(170 m)


Bonn ; Erfurt



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Das Erfurter Gespräch - Treffen Brandt-Stoph in Erfurt

Treffen Brandt-Stoph in Erfurt (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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