Das Erfurter Gespräch - Kassel 1970


01 Act: The Erfurt meeting K see 1322 (353 m) 02 Act: Kassel parade by protesters with banners in Kassel. DFU transparent and NPD transparencies. Meeting point of the radicals.
Helicopter flies.
(390 m)

Title: Kassel Willy Brandt rises from Schloß Wilhelmshöhe from helicopters. Brandt welcomes people. Waving and clapping.
Willy Brandt on the train station in Kassel. Willy Stoph rises out of the train and is welcomed by Brandt. Brandt and Stoph rise in car, departing with escort.
Roadside radical groups with banners. Police Chase protesters from the street.
Right of way from Schloß Wilhelmshöhe. Brandt besides Stoph before Wilhelmshöhe. The boardroom. Brandt and Stoph sit opposite.
Moving the protesters in the city with banners. Juvenile rips the DDR flag pole before Wilhelmshöhe. New flag is raised.
Ahlers informed the waiting journalists. Peter Loof, DDR, are original sound Pressekonfernz. Ahlers News Conference. The press news headquarters in Wilhelmshöhe.
Demonstrators on campground. Kurt Bachmann, DKP, speaks on meeting production sound. original sound speaks von Thadden. Dr. Haese interviewed. Counter chants. Protester riots at the Memorial.
Car driving with Brandt and Stoph in the evening to the Memorial. Stoph leht wreath down. Stoph and Brandt go to train. Stoph on the train window. Handshake to the farewell. Train departs.
Brandt gives press conference interview



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Das Erfurter Gespräch - Kassel

Kassel (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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