Bundeswehr zwischen Auftrag und Gesellschaft 1971


01 Act Officer for lessons on board interview: "if we want to assume, to represent the structure of the German armed forces, we have to inevitably by the basic law, where we find the first answers." In the basic law, we have the article 87a, which States that the Federal Government provides armed forces to his defense. While the term "Defense" appears for the first time. We must hold this notion of 'Defence'. He continuously pursued us in discussions of the Bundeswehr. In article 26, which shows yet. Article 26 sets the prohibition of aggression us, which means that even preparation whatsoever, which aim on a war of aggression, are prohibited. Not to forget when looking at the Bundeswehr of article 4 paragraph 3 of the basic law, that every citizen has the right of the Federal Republic of Germany according to the basic law, to refuse compulsory service with the gun."

Title: Defense and relaxation - safety mounting: woman's hand moves from red dot - free - GOCART race - be - surfing. Road signs are turning with city ads. Eye, screen-filling. Mannequins dance - brave new world - with young men. Car racing. Porsche turns on stand. Photo: Gold Margarime man with cigarette in the winter - a piece of nature - Homa. Freddy Quinn sings smog - ever more frequently depending on prefer - chimney - you can't - find a better revolution from above. Consumption: Red platter. Away with the gray creep of laundry. Vienna Opera ball. Car headlights. Car door handle. Door opens. Rocket is highly organized. Poster: Soldier from missiles, our army. Germany to bequemster job. Soldier in the Park of the Ahrensburger Castle. Soldier field suit with a steel helmet. Swivel. Meeting young people in Meadow lying. Young man with red conductor Hat dances. Young man in postal uniform dancing in discotheque. Jeans. Young man is uniform in the locker.
Advertising: Young girl with headphones in glass armchair. Filter Reval. Car. You live only once. Dance.
Young man in closet tried steel helmet. Boot fitting. Locker will be given.
Advertising: Scotch Whisky. Colgate. Family is sitting at table. Local visit with friends.
Basic training in the barracks yard. Soldiers are in row and link.
Corporal o-ton: "we on the now down." Seals. Stand up." Skeptical faces of looking. Walking through mud. Bundestag. Federal Eagle in the Chamber. Speaker Pawelczyk, SPD, o-ton: "the military structure introduces the last major reform for some time."
Speaker Wörner, CDU, o-ton: "the Warsaw Pact is stronger, NATO is weakening."
Speaker Krall, FDP, o-ton: "the armed forces must be functional unuhterbrochen." Speaker Schultz, defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, o-ton: "only I mean that the silence about this and that, what is wrong, but what better could be made, the critical public rather gähe rise to the criticism, the military representative not quite took out his watchdog," pan of Bundeswehr soldiers during lessons.
Officer actuality: "... when I think of 1969 the donations and taxes." I'm not at all totally agree, I find it not so doll, what the have driven. You have however means a change, noticeably up inside in the Bundeswehr. But to make such as when our two Beziehunsren, superior and subordinate, functional, human is organized, thought about we need to worry yet. And that allowed the discussion at all is that you can call me into question."
Soldier actuality: "if we had the carcass obedience as earlier, we could make not our opposite opinion. There is no humanity."
Officer interview: "it is necessary a togetherness in the sense of a common task that we can tackle together. No one may form a's, that he alone everything can. Can I run the company alone? Outspoken nonsense. I need helpers to do this, I need the employees."
Soldier actuality: "Sure, I can see, we have certain values to defend, but I don't see it at all, to defend my country, if I have no echo."
Officer o-ton: "fatherland is anyways somewhat ragged in the term. It can be also Europe. I want at least to but live in a system where I can say what I think. Where I so can talk with you, that we can say our opinion. I don't ideologically must think that what one ago thinks me."
Reserve. Soldiers in the area. Discussion on attack.

Berlin: Flags of k occupying powers on the balcony of the Council building. Four power agreement of June of 1972 Abrassimov: "ends well all right!"
De Bruycker in interviews: "What do you think of our German armed forces?"
"Market man: Yes, for our protection."
Young girl: "I think it really unnecessary and waste of money."
Man with fur hat: "You are to protect us."
Young woman: "We are dependent on the Covenants."
Man: "to the Defense not to attack."
Elderly man: "it is missing but the morale in our German armed forces. It is not the same as before."
Long-haired: "And also within the framework of the policy of detente now it could very well be slowly to reduce the Bundeswehr."
Tanks in the snow forest and terrain. Ride through terrain. Water sprays up. Fleet unit. Naval officers in the command post. Aircraft. Soldier in the Snowsuit comes from shelter. Helicopter lands. Gebirgsjäger in the snow.

02. nude star fighter flight at night and during the day. Cokpit. Maintenance. Aerobatic flight. Landing. Aircraft in the air Vortex with navigation lights.
Meet Willy Brandt - Willi Stoph in Erfurt and Kassel. March-May 1970 Moscow contract August of 1970 Brandt Kosygin. Warsaw Treaty December of 1970 Brandt Girek.
Berlin: basic Treaty 1972 December Bahr Michael Kohl black and white: Eastern military power. Soviet soldiers took. Tanks, missiles, parade. Vienna 1973: Vernadlung on mutual and balanced force reduction MBFR.
Color: Helsinki 1973: Conference on security and cooperation in Europe CSCE. Scheel, Gromyko.
Willy Brandt at the desk original sound, big: "to preserve peace in Europe until further notice based on the balance of military power. Therefore, our defence efforts are essential. It is, if one just takes it, the respect that have the power blocs, differ from their mutual military capabilities and the armed conflict, major armed conflicts shut out this respect, called also deterrence, based on an understanding imposed by the modern weapons of mass destruction, that any attempt to solve political problems with violence, carries the risk of self-destruction in. This should stay but not a permanent condition. We are looking therefore with all of our neighbors for solutions that ensure a genuine lasting peace. It would be however foolish to want to relax, and at the same time neglecting the protection of one's own existence. For the time being, the principle of military balance among the guiding principles of our security policy. Our anchorage in the Atlantic Alliance is a critical requirement of this policy. "Armed forces: from ship's hull vehicle is driven."

Black and white: Bomber warships, tanks. Paratroopers, airborne troops. Regional comparison of force NATO-Warsaw Pact in numbers.

Colour: NATO maneuvers. Command post. Drawing a map. Starfigther. Site ahrzeug. Radio operator. Gun. Helicopter. Bundeswehr still photos of all divisions.
[...] B Buchstaller, SPD, o-ton: "I am pleased that you, military Commissioner, the reordering of the training of the armed forces led by the Defense Minister have picked up. The modern Industreigesellschaft requires rapid adaptability, professional mobility and long-lasting learning of each. This knowledge is taken into account by the reorganization of education in the form of University studies for longer-serving officers and in the form of targeted training courses for non-commissioned officers. This comprehensive educational reform in the Bundeswehr is in a medium-term perspective have a positive impact in the armed forces and result in a better relative to the population. "Sailors on long tables in case of material. Auditorium. Welding. Soldering. Typewriter instruction.
Typewriter teacher interview.
"So - before we start now with the numbers exercises, cost a little time the again, are somewhat bumpy, we want make once again beat writing, so you get more momentum."
Soldiers write music typewriter. Aircraft maintenance. Swing tank. War ship. Rockets.
Rising pay of conscientious objectors. SW: Demonstrations. Bundestag Eagle. Parliament session. When firing. Cardboard soldier falls down. Long haired conscientious objectors O Tonfür "I consider totally senseless violence to solve problems, and it is impossible in an armed conflict or in its preparation to participate actively with me."
Young conscientious objectors for mentally disturbed children o-ton: "that just, I think, that you will be using an armed power at all with the help of arms, never in the situation that the history already proved, to resolve any conflicts in the longer term."
"I refused simply to shoot at other people, to kill anyone for a piece of honor or... "And I am working here in the Senator Neumann home, precisely because I believe that I here most sense can use my strength."
Swivel arm of a soldier with basic law in sleeve serve.
Helmut Schmidt actuality: "a citizen who takes the fundamental right of conscientious objection to claim, which deserves respect. Only, I cannot deny that an occasional abuse of conscience to achieve political objectives has harm to sometimes see conscientious objection. And this sometimes real conscientious objectors have suffered, that sometimes very heavy duties in the civil service. But overall we see with great satisfaction that the readiness of our youth, to take over duties in this state that this willingness as a whole increasing. Now, the Buncesminister has proposed the Defense refrain in future for the ungedienten conscripts on a testing procedure for recognition as a conscientious objector. The Federal Government and the Bundestag also will implement soon this proposal into practice."
Conscientious objectors in the special school home Rudolf Noah with mentally handicapped children.
Pan faces of young people. Officer speaks o-ton: "there's a 10-day training course, which is called"Discussion technique", and which is carried out at the school for psychological defense. This sounds terrible now, I know this sounds now completely daneben-it is but not so terrible. That was maybe so. You shoot more also now no balloons over the border. That is namely hired in consultation with the other side, the de. Soldatensender 904 have set. So also relaxation policy already in progress here."
Discussion at meeting: "In this respect we have a juxtaposition of a kind of soldierly co-determination on the confidence man and his rights from the soldier Act and an academic participation."
"When for example every first General Student Committee elected?" "Fact is that the curriculum in the armed forces is largely unknown for example."
"Or the President of the College is also responsible for the fact that the soldier law is respected, or is responsible for only the head of the student, the military Chief?"
Professor Ellwein, President of the Bundeswehr o-ton: "of course, the President is responsible for ensuring that all laws are respected, the soldier Act.
Colour Guard marched on. Flag is obtained.
Teaching actuality. Soldier: "you also said the Bundeswehr is only credible if it is supported by the population. But how far will it supports? Everyone grumbles about that his tax dollars in a tank gambler. That no support for me is."
Officer interview: "this is only a problem of the society. "Now the question is: how is the society to the instrument, which gives the defensive mission."





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Bundeswehr zwischen Auftrag und Gesellschaft

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