Berliner Impressionen 1973


Material delivered to the 24.1.1975 at Federal Press Office Brandenburg Gate. Long-haired girl face, great. Mireille Mathieu sings "Aurrevoir mon amaour. You've given me A lot to"dance at movie ball. Plane lands. Hildegard Knef immediately upon arrival. Young couple moves in classic cars through the city. Driving pictures radio tower, Hansa district.
Berlin Palais am Funkturm. Smoking chimneys. Workers. Industries. Manufacture of lamps, pills. Construction of houses. Exhibition. Picture of top road loop. Cityscape aerial view Philharmonic, Kurfürstendamm, Gedächtniskirche, Kaiserdamm (Adenauer Dam). Transformer Olympic Stadium.
Spectator with Sun glasses, wholesale. Football match ZL. Jubilation after scoring with blue-and-white flags. High jump, Polo, rider, runner, swimmer, Trotter, cyclist. Gymnast. Golf, motor Boater, racer, springboard diving.
Demonstration. Parade of the army of occupation. Four power agreement Abrassimov: "end well, all well". Brandt cheered actuality: "this our city, my dear Berliners and Berlin has better chances than at some point since then since the end of the second world war. For the first time for 20 years not from one another we remove us, but come closer to one another."
Wall. Limit visitors. Meeting friends and relatives. Frenzpolizei of other border control.
Evening of theatre. Theatre, Ballettl Theatre visitors. Rear building facades. Woman at the window. Street Theatre.
Berlin of Red Sun ball. Lake, reeds, sunset on the water. Sculptures in the open air. Painting: Spitzweg, Rembrandt. Nefertiti. Any women and girls. Face painting, great. Fashion. Jazz Festival. Pianist, saxophonist. Clapping Berlin the city in the evening. Colorful neon lights. Red light green light. Striptease dancer. Gourmet restaurant.
Udo Jürgens, umdrängt by fans singing: "Goodbye and thank you for this beautiful day Reic beautiful h me hand goodbye and thank you beautiful"



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Berliner Impressionen

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Federal Republic of Germany

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