Der Retter (Hindenburg 1925) 1925

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Image: Bismarck monument in Hamburg and Berlin.
Subtitles: Inflation.
Image: bills are stirred mixed up.
Image: Hindenburg private residence in Hanover, Hindenburg with family in the garden at the table.
Image: Leaflets are distributed (provided). Dropping leaflets from car. Hindenburg leaves Hanover. On the train platform. Addressed to Hindenburg, (detail), trip to Berlin. Passing to Oebisfelde railway station crowd, which beckons.
Image: Arrival Heerstraße in Berlin. Lot. Car with Hindenburg. Ride on Kaiserdamm. Onslaught of associations, crowd coming Reichstag Building (after the swearing). Hindenburg and Government comes down the stairs. (Long shot).
Image: Hindenburg walks off with the honor company von Seeckt and Reichswehrmininister Gessler.
Subtitles: liberation celebration in Bonn (1930).
Image: Hindenburg comes to welcome by civilian officials.
Image: in the University. Student connection in installation. Hindenburg in the midst of the professors at solemn onslaught.
Subtitles: autumn manoeuvres. Pulling out infantry and hauled columns through a city and country roads. Maneuver pictures, Hindenburg with staff, including General Heye (detailed).
Took before Hindenburg (full).
Subtitles: Inauguration of the monument for the fallen Augustaner. Amount at the veiled Memorial. Hindenburg, war clubs, the monument will be unveiled. Parade in front of Hindenburg.

Persons in the Film

Heye, Wilhelm ; Hindenburg, Paul von ; Gessler, Otto


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie ; Erschließung Bundesarchiv Koblenz

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Der Retter (Hindenburg 1925)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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