Äthiopien 01.01.1956


Prologue (s/w): topographic map of Africa, zoom into it, pictures of landscape, rural population, city views, Prince Regent Täfäri Mäkonnen in ceremonial garb for the coronation on the 02.11.1930 to the Emperor - Haile Selassie the first - propelled ceremonial carriage with accompaniment, Imperial Palace, Haile Selassie with military clothing, standing with helmet, sitting before card without a helmet, cut to white uniformed school on benches at the sport; military force collection of white-skinned soldiers in port - Italy collects troops in Eritrea and Somalia, 2.10.1935 war - troops, attracted Ethiopian soldiers with guns, soldier drumming horsemen and foot soldiers, Haile Selassie with helmet on horse, Italian bombers in the sky, dropping bombs, explosions, Emperor to flag military fighting as a soldier on the front, injured soldiers, burning tents, burning houses, ruins, dead on the side of the road, Emperor travel to the League of Nations to Europe 02.05.1936 , Getting out of train station, Kaiser, is euph orisch in England welcomes the Geneva on the 18.06.1936 Selassie in close-up, applause; speech to delegates of the League of Nations, Bombs explode, Selassie gets out of aircraft, salutierende soldiers - 1940 Mussolini explains the allies war - Ethiopia is supported by the English military, Selassie hoist Emperor Selassie, drive, marching troops, Ethiopian flag with military clothing and helmet with British officers, return of the dead to Ethiopia, Selassie with binoculars, return with a military escort to Addis Abeba, welcome party, General Kunningham welcomes Selassie Palace , Speech in military uniform before versammeltem people, hoist the Ethiopian flag, Selassie salutes, flag in close-up - black;
(00: 00.01-09: 10.00 am) 1. Part of Ethiopia (color): Empire between yesterday and tomorrow; political map of East Africa, Ethiopia white with inscription "until 1952", 2 coastal States come to "today" view of mountainous landscape of mountains, mountain lakes, aircraft, sheep on pasture, forest, steppe - Boronas Wilderness (southern Ethiopia), Kudus, Gazelles, close-up. Herd of elephants, Geier in tree, Marabu, giraffes, Gion River, bridge, waterfalls, blue cataracts, Tana, papyrus - boat building Tankwars - Holy Islands, ruins of Aksums, slate Obelisk - stele of King Ezana, St. Mary's Church, city of Gondar, Moorish style, Palace of Fasilidas, bath lodge in pools, old churches and monasteries, Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibella, rock solid with 13 buildings - (bet) St. Maryam, 2 men reading Holy Scripture, coloured Reliefierung of the Interior, sculptures , Bet Medhane Alem, bet Abba Libanos, rock cross by (bet) St Giyorgis;
Landscape, sugar cane plantation of Rangi, Valley of the Abash, sugar cane factory; Coffee as export commodity, country line Kaffa, transplantation of wild plant on coffee plantation; Orchards, lemons, mandarins, oranges, grapefruit, grapefruit; Flock of sheep, herd, water bottle by Gigida, herds of cattle in the steppe, vaccination against mad cow disease with goat serum for immunity; City view from aircraft, radio operator in flight, landing, airport in capital Vera Beba, city shots, roads, cars, houses, left, then 500000 inhabitants, theatre, Ghion Hotel, YMCA, Trinity Church, mausoleum of Menelik 2.; Quarries, fully automatic cement factory, tobacco factory, leather industry, shoe factory, cotton and textile factory, metal foundry, technician at SWR meter, type foundry, and-setzerei newspaper, distribute the newspaper, arts and crafts (gold, silver, horn), Tepichweberei, Schneider for women's and children's fashion, telephone control, phone - and Telegrafena nlage,. Inlandsverkehrstraßen built out, Eritrea on the Red Sea, Coptic Church in Massaua, white mosque school in Asmara, architecturally modern hospitals, port Massawa, Kontainerschiffe, cranes, salt mountains of salt from the Red Sea, salt factory. dancing Menschenoin Debre Zeyit, Chapel power music, dancing couples, Crater Lake, sailboats, great crested grebe, red Maskalvögel, Pelican boats are bound by dock and sailed, many people in the water, swimming lessons, and people, Tafari Makonnen race record of sailing men by sailing club, on the Beach School University collegue, National Museum, crowns of Kings and emperors established in 1922, that modern art painter with palette Museum, Bibles from 13. Century., library; Haile Selassie in uniform when you visit a hospital, Haile Selassie hospital, examination of a man, the Emperor in the coat of the surgery, anesthesia by the patient of ether, surgery on the stomach, watching Haile Selassie; Imperial Palace in Ad dis Ababa, gardens with fountains, feast of the cross in the castle garden (Mesqel feast), ceremony with priests in Prunkgewändern, white dressed men with sticks, sing and dance, Haile Selassie gets free flower crosses, men dancing to drum, Mesqel feast in Addis Abebas, streets pile of wood called Damara on the middle of the square, Haile Selassie on Tron and run with Offiziern to Damara, bring sticks to Damara people in white Schamas , Damara is lit at night, young people dance and sing around the fire;
(09: 16.00) 2nd part TALAKU MERI: the Jubilee; Haile Selassie in festive clothing with Empress, driving in the car at the anniversary mass for St. St. George's Church, mobilized escort, cars, motorcycles, Arc de Triomphe, Archbishop is receiving Imperial couple ceremonial tour of the Church, in Church, Emperor and Empress Zwillingsthron, 13 bishops and archbishops celebrate the fair, close-up Selassie, then the grandchildren on floor sitting, bishops dealing with sanctuaries, Imperial couple kissing Bible, Abuna Basilios says protection prayer in ceremonial garb, people drumming and dance and sing victory train in purple State body with guard in traditional uniform on road, , warlike horsemen represent old tribal chiefs, white-clad soldiers on white horses, people clap and sing, Tambo major celebration Chapel, soldiers marching, clapping kids along the way, men in lion skins on horses, soldiers with flag, Emperor laughs from horse-drawn carriage out, Triumfzug ends at the Palace, off iziere salutiern, Imperial couple getting out of carriage; Anniversary banquet with Archbishop and top Entourage, it is talk, Imperial couple faces in the throne room, throne, it is danced in celebration clothing; People gossip on street, red coach goes with imperial couple to the newly established Parliament, Haile Selassie ascends levels, new reverse bevel and throne room, Haile Selassie signs, speech of the sovereign Parliament with notes in hand, applause, Imperial couple enters balcony and people cheering, band plays the national anthem, Haile Selassie salutes.
(69: 57.00-85: 39.00)

Persons in the Film

Selassie, Haile


Kultur ; Äthiopien ; War ; Staatsform (Diktatur; Föderation; Monarchie; Republik) ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH




Ethnografischer Film (S)

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Kaiserreich zwischen gestern und morgen (Additional title)

Prolog (Other title)

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