"Mit Bayern leben ..." Eine Betrachtung zur innerdeutschen Geschichte 1963


Cigarillo-smoking man at the table writes with pen and ink a pendulum clock, a letter, a poodle and a ceramic lion with Bavarian coat of arms, a lion, a four-tier issue of the magazine "Der Spiegel" is hung on a meat hook, the book "Götz von Berlichingen", men in leather pants and knee-length socks, Carnival scenes, a traditional farmhouse, ring shield "Puhvogel" and "Piefke", man with Hat and badge scratching the back of the head , Parade before the Munich Town Hall, man at the table writing the letter, building with the lettering "SPD", pan over Munich with the Cathedral of our Lady, Fleischenwaren in Smokehouse hanging from the ceiling, dancing people, natives perform a dance, kissing people, street scenes from Munich, people cross the street, people drinking from beer mugs and wiped his mouth with the forearm , a tavern Brawl, longer out index finger, arrest scene as a still image, newspaper press with various foreign-language newspapers, a man is discharged under protest by soldiers, cover of an issue of "Der Spiegel", two men loaded in the trunk of a car and drive away Franz Josef Strauß on a bicycle, driving, music band, book "Der Rosenkavalier" by Richard Strauss, portrait by Hans Kapfinger, several people are interviewed, while it's snowing, the Publishing House of "Der Spiegel" and an issue of "Der Spiegel" with Rudolf Augstein on the cover , People in a Cabinet of laughter, people waving coat of arms of Lower Saxony with the inscription "State Archives", the appeal document of Adolf Hitler in the civil servant, the Brunswick town hall with the swastika, blowing up a building, Adolf Hitler in the open, photograph of Hitler in lederhosen, bomb release, sitting man on a beer keg with bre nnender fuse, Thunder, man slam into a slaps man, man is an operation on the buttocks , Bavarian Grenzpfahl, children in the school at the Write, drunken men in a meadow lying, a man stands up from a bed, talking man with mustache, man felt jacket and armchair talk, man drinks from a mug and Dunks his Quill into the beer foam and sign a letter.

Persons in the Film

Strauß, Franz Josef ; Strauß, Richard


Munich ; Bavaria


Bayern, BRD ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH



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"Mit Bayern leben ..." Eine Betrachtung zur innerdeutschen Geschichte

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Federal Republic of Germany

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